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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 fan blades

sorry to bring up same old topic...keeping a 1500 cool.
If one looks at the moss catalogue they list a clear plastic fan assy for hotter climes, rkc2126, same part number for the spxxxxre. Has anyone any experience of this.
Worth fitting ????
rgds tony
a boyle

Do you have a like to see that

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Yes I do, my 1500 was running hotter than It used to before it got laid up, I had a spare engine from a Dolomite 1500 which had one of these fans attached, so I fitted it, and it did make a difference, the blades are a little taller and a little broader. I have since got to the bottom of my issues (I hope), the summer will be the real test, if it ever comes! I have now removed this fan and replaced it with the original, and on the first run after the change, the engine was idling 150 RPM higher.

A Pritchett

yep done to death this topic, IMHO just fit an electric fan and get a few more HP to boot Cheers
R W Bowers

hi prop thanks your interest
sorry don't do links but just go to moss,,,then late midget then to cooling Go to fans and all will be revealed
rgds tony
a boyle

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