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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 flywheel size

what diameter is a 1500 flywheel? Is the starter ring at the outermost edge?
Collecting bits for a 1500 to K series conversion and I've got the K engine, a 1500 bellhousing and the T9 gearbox all sitting next to each other in the garage. It looks possible to me to fit the bellhousing on to the k but I don't have the size of the 1500 flywheel for a comparison until I strip the old engine and gearbox out of the midget. I don't want to do that until the last minute as I'd rather keep it driving while there is any chance of good roof down weather!
Alan McKewan

The ring gear is at the outer most edge and the overall diameter is 300mm
Hope it helps
D Pratt

I thought you needed the K series flywheel to feed signals to the electronics? Or are you using carbs?

Rob aka MG Moneypit

Original intention was to use the 1.6 k flywheel but Im just measuring up the 1500 bellhousing as looks an easy fit to the k, was asking for the old size to think about starter positioning
Alan McKewan

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