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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 fuel pump replacement

Hi all,

I'm trying to replace the fuel pump on an 1979 1500. The one that I'm replacing has a half inch spacer where it attaches to the engine block, and the two pipes are one on top of the other. My local supplier says those ones aren't available, but have been replaced by a slightly different version (first line ffp505). This one has no spacer, and the pipes come in at the same height. Does this ring any bells to anyone? Has anyone used something similar successfully? Just want to check I can use it before I buy it.

Thanks a lot!
M Jenner


The fuel pump with the spacer was introduced from engine no. FP50968. The earlier pump had a shorter actuating arm and didn't require a spacer. It's important that you have the correct pump.


The spacer is an insulator intended to prevent engine heat from bleeding into the pump and causing vaporization, much like the spacers used to mount carbs, and for the same reason. Note that standing the fuel pump out with a spacer necessitates a longer actuator arm, hence the different models of pump. Just make sure you have the right type of pump, whether or not you use a spacer.


Gryf Ketcherside

I replaced my pump on my 1500. got it from Moss. Same pump for either type. ie shorter studs for pump with no spacer plate, longer studs with spacer plate. spacing plate & studs are bought separately. The pump is supplied with 2 gasgets if fitting the spacer
Nigel Axtell

Sorry I cant specifically help the original poster but I think the question he is asking is:

can I replace the current long armed later version [with a spacer] with a short armed earlier version [without the spacer] accepting the increased risk of petrol vaporisation?

As fuel vaporisation in general can be a problem with our cars, I would go with the long arm version if it was me.

Doug Plumb

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