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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 gear shift installation

I have a 76 MG midget 1500. The gear shift came undone. I have the replacement parts but a pin apparently secures the gear shifter to the transmission shaft. Where does this pin go?
PJS Spiers

<< a pin apparently secures the gear shifter to the transmission shaft. >>

A pin in the side of the shifter receiving hole locates the shifter (keeps it from spinning on it's axis) via the slot on the upper shifter ball (see pic). The only mechanism actually securing the shifter to the gearbox proper is the J-shaped slot in the Shift Lever Retainer (not pictured, Moss P/N# 330-585 or VB P/N# 2-7278), that fits over the aforementioned pin where said pin stands proud of the shifter receiving housing.

HTH, Richard

Richard Reeves

A closer look shows TWO pins external to the shifter receiving hole 180 degrees apart and TWO j-shaped slots in the shift lever retainer. As the shifter locating pin appears to be a larger diameter than the retainer pins one might assume the two to be separate parts, rather than the same part as I stated above.

Richard Reeves

My pins kept on falling out which was a bit inconvenient when trying to change gears? If this happens to you then a simple jubilee clip round the base of the lever should do the trick.
Jamie Watt

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