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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 Gearbox Front Seal (Part 2!)

There was a thread a couple of months back started by "SJY" about modding the scroll seal at the front of the 1500 gearbox and converting to a lip seal.

It was something I was also pondering at the time, although I didn't get chance to post on that thread. I have thought about the problem a bit more and wanted to present the solution I will be using on a gearbox I am building.

I intend to machine the scroll type housing to take a 24 x 32 x 4 mm lip seal, see the attached CAD renderings.

I chose a metric seal as the imperial seals that are readily available in the UK are larger in diameter and thicker. This would have resulted in too much material needing to be machined away.

The scroll seal type shaft (the later lip seal designed shafts are different) is 15/16" diameter. This converts to 23.81mm. The recommended minimum diameter for this 24mm seal is 23.85. So the shaft is nominally 0.04mm too small. But it is still a tight fit when pushed on the shaft so I think it should seal OK.


Malcolm Le Chevalier

And a picture of the (yet to be modified) housing and seal for further illustration.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Sorry, I notice that link doesn't seem to work. It is the thread titled "Cures for scroll seal oil leak from transmission?" in the 2017 Tech. Archive.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

I think the link doesn't work because it's via your sign-in (not that I know anything about computers or programs), this might as its from a search outside the site -

(ETA: it's just worked for me as a test, I know that doesn't always mean it'll work for others though, but I think, don't know, it will).
Nigel Atkins

This thread was discussed on 05/09/2017

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