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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 gearbox oil change

Has anyone come up with a good way to change the oil in a 1500 gearbox? At the moment you have to pump it up the side into the filler/level plug hole using a lever arm oil pump - it takes forever.
C L Carter

Is there not an access hole on the gearbox tunnel? (Just guessing here, guess you would have found it if there was!)

Malcolm Le Chevalier

I use a long hose with a funnel wedged into the end. Bring it out at the front of the transmission tunnel and out the engine bay.
I will eventually get a proper pump for doing it...

-- Josh
Josh L

these Triumph boxes seem even more awkward than the earlier boxes

funnel, pipe and glamerous assisant (not longstanding gf or wife as they quickly get bored and loose attention)

don't forget get to have the oil as hot as possible before draining and to leave to drain as long as possible to get out as much muck and old oil as possible

stay old fashioned and stick with a GL4 - Castrol -
Nigel Atkins

Fill it with oil before you refit it ? Thats my plan anyway ..
John Barber

Yes I did that (if you're getting confused its cos I have two gearboxes)

But my sychro is playing up and someone has suggested that perhaps just an oil change might cure it. (its done 1500 miles on the oil I put in) - so its worth a try. A lot cheaper than the box rebuild if that is the problem.
C L Carter

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