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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 header tank

Hi My 1500 midge has a leaking header tank.
I did use antifreeze in the liquid, but maybe in its past someone did not. These plastic tanks don't seem to be available. Anyone know of an alternative, preferably brass/repairable. The 1275 midget looks fairly similar but a well known supplier of parts insists that is not the way to go.
thanks in advance
rgds tony
a boyle


I'm sure an SD1 (Rover 3500 etc) is very similar, albeit metal.

Having said that anything will suffice really as long as it fits.
SR Smith 1

I don't know technically but I'd have thought any expansion tank would be fine as long as you keep the same pressure for the cap
Nigel Atkins

thanks your interest chaps
The midget 1500 and the b/mg1275 both have a single inlet about 1 1/2 inch from top. I have looked at one or two other makes but all seem to have more pipes, different sizes The 1275 midge seems closest and is available second hand in brass, repairable!.
I will have to make a bracket but I think that is the direction I will go. What puzzles me is the info from the parts supplier, with nothing to loose said absolutely no to the b/175 midge tank.
One of the pleasures of owning a midge is making things fit..That is what I will do. More news when the job is done
rgds tony
a boyle

Any ideas on how to get the header tanks clean. Mines all cruddy and limescaled up after years of neglect and replacements are expensive.
Eamonn Spencer

A thorough wash out with hot water and detergeant to get oily gungy muck out first. Then outside remove all underseal, waxoyl etc. with petrol (paint brush helps). Remove petrol type stains with swarfega then remove swarfega with detergeant and hot water. I then used a toilet limescale remover 'Harpic'.

Did the same with leaking washer reservoir and fixed its seam leak with roof flashing tape from Wikes. (needs to be warm enough to 'bond' to surface - used blow lamp - hey ho).

Both had first wash ever I am sure and look acceptable and actually 'feel clean'.
Dave Squire (1500)

PS it needs to be removed from the car to do the job so decide before hand what you are going to do about the metal mounting bolts, tubes and washers. I replaced all the hose clips and in the case of the was bottle the hose as well.
Dave Squire (1500)

Thanks folks. It's off already and has been soaked in bleach for 2 days. Better but nowhere near as good as I want it as I've bought a complete water hose set and pressure cap. I'll try petrol and harpic (not together) and a bit more elbow grease.
Eamonn Spencer

just remember you only want coolant mixture going into you coolant system so don't leave any residue of combined 'cleaning' chemicals you're trying

I'm a bit lost as to the expansion tank you've now got but if it's metal wouldn't the correct grades of wire wool or similar clean it up to a shine if that's what you want
Nigel Atkins

Don't know how you got on but Richard Wooley from Derby (see classifieds) has just posted some overfow tanks for sale so you may be lucky and get a good one from him.
The stuff I had from him was good.
Dave Squire (1500)

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