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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 heater valve

Simple question, looking from the front of the car what is the open position? Lever righ or lever left?

l snowdon

Sorry I don't know the answer, I'll see if I can find it

But this is just the type of thing that the owners Handbook is very useful for - (Ref: 0058)

plus the Handbook covers all else you need to know about your car
Nigel Atkins

sorry Les I can't find anything, so you'll have to wait for 1500 owner to reply

get that Handbook though as it gives you such much information about your car, all owners and potential owners should have a copy
Nigel Atkins

The valve is opened by moving the lever towards the battery
Keith Davies

Unless it was fixed on incorrectly by some idiot previous owner - in which case - keep on trying and see!

Was there a particular reason you were asking the question though?

Thanks everyone!

Could n't remember which way was on and I'd just put a complete set of hoses on and part filled with water & anti-freeze. Did n't want to take a hose of to check.

Start up tommorrow after 20 (cough) years!

l snowdon

Good luck!


Heat is on when the lever is up or toward the battery and off when toward the fender.

I made a cable operated remote control for mine. Details are on page 7 of a recent club newsletter. Well worth the effort and should have come this way from the factory.

Lee Fox

Easy - just flip the lever toward the heater for heat.

Gryf Ketcherside

Very nice idea Lee! I might have to consider doing that.
Tim Michnay

Another method to secure the cable to the lever may be to use a gizmo that secures either the choke or throttle cable to the levers on the carb.

Moss parts:
ACC5062 TRUNNION, accelerator cable
AUE34 TRUNNION (choke cable)


Doug Plumb

Hi If you need to make a repair to the 1500cc heater tap I have just what you need on ebay MG midget 1500cc STAINLESS bracket tap repair heater bay item number 250791112659
Regards Ashley Hinton
A Hinton

Hi Askley

I already have one of your wonderful stainless steel bracket installed ( and a few other of your products)]


l snowdon

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