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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 inlet manifold

I've just been reading Vizard and learning all about my SU HS4 carbs. At the moment it's a standard set up on the midget.

Obviously Vizard's wisdom on inlet manifolds is of no use since he's dealing with A series in there.

Is there anything that could/should be done to the satandard manifold?

Are there any aftermarket items avaliable, and are they worth it?

Thanks, Tim
t halket

Tim, I had a Maniflow 4 into 2 into 1 exhaustmanifold on my 1500 which to me was defenetly worth it!
I believe Peter May sells them.

In combination with a good exhaust, Hs4 carbs, K&N filters and a good set up at a rolling road gave me a brilliant and torquey/lively 1500.

Arie de Best

I just tidied my 1500 inlet manifold inside with a bit of polishing and matched it to the cylinder head and carbs.

l snowdon

I've no idea what mods you have so far but in my opinion, the inlet manifold isnt the first thing to worry about to improve breathing on a 1500

I would improve in this order...

Exhaust manifold (cast one is seriously pants)
air filters (with rejetted carbs)
Head (major improvements here)
Different or modded carbs

THEN worry about the inlet manifold or a spicier cam.

When you do get that far port matching and removing sharp edges in the flow is prob best advice. Don't worry about finish its all about shape! That manifold is pretty good tho it's not too restrictive even flowing gas for 100bhp.

There's also other things help the engine of course but the above will definitely help it breathe better.
Bob T

Oops, only after reading Bob T reaction i realised Tim was referring to the inlet insted of me going on about the outlet... :(

Any way, agree with Bob T here, the inlet is the last thing to worry about.
Change the rest of it first and only then will it pay of to change/modify the inlet.
Arie de Best

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