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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 MANUAL CHOKE

I have a 76 midget (1500 single carb)equipped with a manual choke that I need to hook up. The cable is there and the choke linkage is there, but I do not know where the cable is attached or how it is attached to keep it stationary? If someone could explain or send me a pic of where the cable is attached that would be great......
Rough start up AL

have a look here. there is a pic 1/3 of the way down showing the choke set up. assuming your running twin hs4s....

Rich K

sorry just reread your post. are you running a SU carb?

there is a drop down menu, select carb setup. loads of pictures of the different carbs that can be used (twin hs4's, hif44/hs6, ZS). let me know what you have, got loads of carbs in my garage!
Rich K

Al -

Here's the setup on mine (see attached pic). Ignore the fuel regulator behind the carb. I thought I needed it at the time, and actually didn't. I was learning...

As for the manual choke adapter, this is a pretty simplistic setup with a round aluminum plate in place of the water choke assembly. You can see the cable curving in from the top, and clamped in that upright bracket in the foreground. The end fits into a little pinch bolt that fits in a hole in a tab on the plate, and pushes and pulls as needed.



Gryf Ketcherside

I guess I will have to make my own adapter to hold the choke cable as Gryf showed. However, my manual choke "appears" to be the original that was on the car, unless an adapter kit was sold and installed at some time. Attached is a pic of my choke that shows no evidence of the water choke? I still have some left over parts from when I put it together. Perhaps I will get lucky ...AL


Al, your car was originally fitted with a manual choke which you still have. Your carburetor hasn't been messed with. In 1977 they went with an automatic water choke which Gryf originally had on his car.

If you look at the top bracket near where the throttle cable attaches, can you see a vertical slot that's about 7/16 inch or so? There should be a spring clip that holds the choke cable in place there and the cable core runs down to the choke and into a part on the back of the little bracket where the core is secured by a set screw. It looks like there's a piece of wire around the bracket but the set screw is there. Look for the little hole in the piece behind the bracket. That's where the choke cable core goes into.

The spring clip end goes into the slot and a tab secures the other end in the notch on the bracket.

You might find an illustration of that clip in the Moss catalogue.
Clive Reddin


Sorry I have been absent, but now after reading your info I see the slot that you are referring to, but I do not have anything in that slot. I checked on Moss and
VB, but did not see any part that I could order. Could you take a pic of yours and possibly I could find or fabricate something that would keep my cable in place. With my carb now adjusted I am in desperate need of a choke. I am into the sputter mode till it warms up. Thanks .....AL

Hi Al;

I'd love to send you a picture of my choke clip but my car is currently and still in the shop for some work. It will be 2 years come April for a 6-8 week job!

If you can find a way to secure the cable to the carburetor, you shouldn't have any problems. In the meantime, I'll see if I can scare up a clip here from someone.

Did you find everything else on the carburetor I spoke of?

Clive Reddin


Sorry to hear that your car is still in the shop. That is why I prefer to do the work myself if I can, plus I am not independently wealthy! I will figure out something to attach the cable to the carb. Thanks ....AL

99% sure this is the same as TR6, Moss 365-520, $1.35 in my pretty old book, Spitfire should be the same also. It's in the Moss picture for TR6-ZS carbs.
Call TRF, they can cross the BS Moss number to real TR or ZS ones, and almost certainly have it. I've had good success with getting ZS parts Moss doesn't show or carry from TRF. Same part might be on early Volvo 122/144. All these will be 68-74 or so, since after they usually have autochoke or FI.

FR Millmore

FRM, Thanks for your input. It sure "looks" like the same set up that I have. I will call TRF to make sure and order.

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