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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 Mechanical fuel pump

Does anyone know if you can buy a mechanical fuel pump with a priming lever ?
Scott Coe

on a quick look this Triumph 1300 FWD Saloon pump with primer arm might fit or adapt, don't know if you'd need a spacer though. If you can't transfer the fuel connection part you'll also need union fittings for inlet and outlet. It looks the same as the pump used on Spitfires MK1, MK2, MK3 & MKIV to FH50000 and Heralds.

and from Rimmers -

and Toss's copy version -

Or you could convert to an electric pump like the earlier midgets, get a Hardi, fit & forget, and as I learned recently you can change the angles of the inlet and outlet. Watch out for those noisy Facet cubes though.

Nigel Atkins

The pump from Rimmer Bros that Nigel showed you should work, but it seems to be the short arm variant so if your car has the insulating spacer fitted you'd need to either omit the spacer or swap the levers over. Which is easy.
Also 1300 and 1500 Triumph engines used different pumps, but I think they're compatible.
Be wary that it is possible to fit the pump with the lever under the cam instead of on top, which will result pretty soon in a broken pump lever and a partial engine strip to recover the debris.
Don't ask how I know.
There's another (slightly left-field) solution to priming, which is to fit a squeezy bulb primer for an outboard boat engine in the fuel line. Particularly handy for cars with mechanical pumps which are not used often - saves cranking the engine until it pulls fuel through. I speculate that's why you want a primer?

Yes I was thinking of mixing and matching existing (assuming it's in good condition) pump parts and parts of the new primer pump to make a sensible hybrid - but I admit I forgot arm length (I should have remembered as I can hardly reach the keyboard).

Another way round this is perhaps not to have it standing too long, how long does it take for the pump to fully drain then?

If it's the fun restrictive hibernation would it matter that it takes longer to start initially, would it help to build oil pressure before firing up. Plus the list of proper hibernation preparation and recommissioning gives so much to do another few seconds of time and wear seems small.

Nigel Atkins

Nigel, I've never hibernated my old cars, better to use them all year, salt permitting of course, went swimming in the Austin yesterday. Re pump when the Midget has stood for 2 weeks it takes ages for it to pump through but as you said good to circulate oil first.

Scott Coe

Good show Scott, that one solid colour looks lovely.

Pity about the salt as that'd be great in snow.

Where is that car wash situated?

Cedric would have been bailing out after that or floating off. :)

I'm going to have to doct you a few points for having the soft-top closed and being over cautious ny leaving the starting handle in.

For the pump another thought I had but forgot again until now - if the petrol hoses are old or the type that sweat that may not help as they lose their fluid.(?)

Nigel Atkins

Nigel, it's in Medbourne, I had the roof shut because my Dad isn't a fan of draughts. The starting handle is a permanent fixture(because it's a deluxe model) basic models you could take off.
Its great in the snow , hopefully the footage works of towing my son a couple of winters ago
Scott Coe

Pressed the wrong button !!

Scott Coe

Medbourne, South Leicestershire, it always rains more in South Leicestershire, we know as we have friends that live in Theddingworth, a 100 feet from the Northamptonshire border, so they can see the sun in the sky not far away as they're under the precipitation.

Best to keep going in Medbourne as the Nevill Arms is a nice building but bit of a snooty pub now, the Horse & Trumpet was a different matter, opposite end of the scale.

Nice area for your car.

Which area of child services should I send that photo to? :)

Unless the photo is actually of your grandad towing your dad.

Nigel Atkins

I lent the car to someone, but I can't remember who !
Scott Coe

Good one. :)
Nigel Atkins

"Cedric would have been bailing out after that or floating off. :) "
My Midget is a city car, she is less used to eat water than to hit moped ;p

Nice pics Scott :)
Great car your son is having ;)

Sorry for being useless for the original question, as it is a 1500cc (not that I would have been more useful for a 1275cc though... :D)
CH Hamon

Cedric, we must meet up again with Nigel when it's nice weather !!!
Scott Coe

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