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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 oile cooler

Good afternoon, just wondered if any of you wise sages have fitted an oil cooler to a 1500 midget? I have a second hand one (possibly ex-MGB) with fairly long hoses still fitted plus a new takeoff sandwich plate. I'm assuming the matrix would be best sited in the well in front of/below the radiator, with some home-made mounting brackets, possibly using the horn fixing bolts either side? I'm a bit unsure about routing the hoses though. I guess it's either a case of making some holes in the panel by the heater duct or using the gap in the panel on the other side & then running the hoses across the engine bay.
Any advice or pictures appreciated, thanks.

This is how I mounted mine, it sits below the opening in the bumper, so it doesn't restrict air flow to the radiator.

Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

Yes, I used the horn bolts.

And another view...

Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

Many thanks for posting the pics Dave, that confirms how I thought it went. Did you have to make holes for the hoses through the radiator mounting panel?

I don't use a fresh air intake hose for the heater, so I just did it like this:

Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

Is there anyone who has pictures of the oil line routing, that retained their fresh air duct to the heater box? This is something that has been puzzling me for sometime. I plan on mounting mine to the factory pre-drilled holes in the valance pan, but I haven't figured how to route the lines.
Ron Koenig

That is a good question!

The instructions that came with mine were just general & showed no hose routing diagrams, you'll most likey have to cut holes in the radiator support to feed the hoses through.

Not really a hard job, just find the right size hole saw & I'd line the metal edges with some kind of grommet/insulator to keep from cutting the hoses.

Ive found that plastic split loom for wires or 1/4" fuel hose both work good.

Not much help...
Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

Ron, im not running an oilcooler anymore but did had one when I still had my 1500 in.

I never did/do use the airducthose but I did had the pipes run in a way so I could always put one in if wanted an airhose.

Funny enough there was already an original hole(bottom one on photo) above the airduct opening so I drilled anotherone and put in rubber grommets so the pipes would be held in place but wouldnt scruff on the metalhole edges.

I too used the original mg-factory supplied oilcooler bracket and bolted it in the 4 special factory original holes.

I dint have a digital camera when I still had the oilcooler in so Im sorry I cant show you any pictures.

Arie de Best

Arie, is that ducttape? shame on you!
Bas Timmermans

Ductape is an MGowner's best friend! ;)

It was to keep the throttle cable-end protected when pulling the engine out.
Arie de Best

Looks like a good idea Arie, I'll have to check my MG.
Ron Koenig

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