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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 pedal box

Hiya chaps and chapesses

Sorry not been on for a while as interest and motivation have died somewhat in last 2-3 years.

However this year I am determined to get my beloved back on the road.

After this time the brake pedal has siezed on its shaft.

If i remove pedal box which looks uncomplicated can I then have a go at this shaft on bench.

I get get a little movement on it but as you know footwell is not an easy place to work.

Haynes says just lift it to get clearance does this mean pedals wont come up through

Sorry to go on but thanks in advance for your help

Yes mate the pedal box is held down by the external fixings 1/4 UNF and when released the box complete with pedals comes up through the hole with a little jiggling

Bob Sunny Scunny!
Bob Turbo Midget England

Hi Brian,

Had this happen to mine once, every time you braked it slighty dipped the clutch!

You're right in what you say, the pedal box comes out upwards as a complete assembly. The biggest problem I had was undoing the philips headed machine screws, the hex headed ones were no problem, though access to outer ones isn't great. The box is alot easier to work on off the car though.

I think I detached both master cyls as well, leaving the pipes attached to save bleeding. The bottom nut on brake master is a swine to do though.

Needed heat to free mine off, but I reassembled with copious amounts of copper grease to save it occuring again. Make sure you seal the pedal box to the bulkhead with mastic when you put it back in, or you'll get water dripping on your legs. Messy job but worth doing.

Hope the above helps.

Regards Steve

SR Smith 1

As Steve states Phillips ones are a problem!!!

This is an understatement how the chuffin eck do you remove the one virtually hidden under the wing

Hex ones no probs , inner phillips with impact wrench done,even got both master cylinders off without disturbing pipes BUT I cannot get the inaccessible one out.

Copious Plus Gas , wire brush, cant use heat as too close to everything. What do I do? I am seriously peed off now cant even have a drink its 10.30 in the morning
Its the no idea bit that hurts the most

Rant over

Brian, where in Lincs are you?

Steve H K-ser


I did warn you!

I started that one from underneath with a mole grip to "break" the tightness, was a lot easier then. Replaced it with a socket headed allen-bolt on reassemly.

Good luck with it.

Regards Steve.
SR Smith 1

Hiya Steve

Am just outside Louth

Easy to tell my the big black depression hanging over

Hi Brian,

Don't let the thing grind you down!

It can be done!

I'm Kent, otherwise I'd pop round and hit the booldy thing with you lol.

Regards Styeve.
SR Smith 1

Glory Glory be

The sun is shining and I have managed to undo a screw.

In my defence it probably hasnt been touched in 35 years,
was very inaccessable and I am not that good.

But now lets move onto seized pedals

Thanks for your encouragement it does help

Thank you


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