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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 pump

Well; its another one to add to the list!

Looks like the mechanical pump (the non serviceable one that only the filter and valves can be changed in) could be shot on the pressed together seam. Further checks in the morning in daylight. Rubber pipes replaced tonight and they all look alright. Assuming the worst; anyone know if the current replacements are any good? or would it be best to go electric? and if so which one?

(I remember those electric pump points being a pain as well in the old Moggie so assume that is now fixed)
Dave Squire (1500)

there's stuff in the Archives, I think you can either

a) replace with mechanical, careful to get the right depth - I can't remember comments about quality but you're always wise to enquire each time

b) fit electric in tandem - no good if yours is leaking of course

c) blank off mechanical (can you get the plate?) and fit electric (photo in Archive of one fitted in engine bay IIRC)

many like the SU pump with points - I don't, 5 years ago I fitted a Q&H electronic, no need for regulator, I do have a small disposable plastic fuel filter just before carbs so I can see the fuel has made it that far as the pump is under the rear wheel arch on the 1275

Quinton Hazell QH QFP171E (eqv AUF214)
Nigel Atkins

It is the pump; not the pipes. When engine ticks over no fuel seen. When engine revved it leaks on a seam in the construction and fuel drips.

Thanks for heads up on QH pump Nigel; its a bit of a nightmare looking at electric pumps from whats available.
Dave Squire (1500)

my post refers to the pump and not the pipes/hoses

I'd recommend using 6mm Dunlop rubber hoses (off the reel from Halfords and other places) instead of 1/4" as it fits better I've found, to carbs at least, and it's less likely to be f such poor quality that it soon leaks

here's some more info on pump lifted from a supplier :-

This pump delivers 9 gallons per hour and has a 2.5 - 3 PSI delivery pressure. It is equivalent to O.E. part number AUF214 and is an underbody fitment pump. The Pump is Suitable For The Following Vehicles -

MG midget 1098cc Mk.2 1964-1966

MG Midget 1275cc Mk.3 1966-1974

Suitable for negative and positive earth vehicles

Nigel Atkins


I got a replacement mechanical fuel pump from MGOC. It was a AC.Delco as I recall.

As Nigel says, make sure you get the one with the correct length operating arm.


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