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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 rear brake shoes and springs

Taken both sides off - cleaned, painted etc and now not sure exactly how to reassemble - which holes do the springs go in etc.
Has anyone got a drawing or pic of one side which shows exact layout, please.
Tony Wood

Choice of four - one at a time -


Nigel Atkins


Nigel Atkins


Nigel Atkins

fourth and last.

Nigel Atkins

Thank you Nigel - my cup runneth over
Tony Wood

As long as your brake fluid doesn't. :)
Nigel Atkins

I was given a good tip --- do one side at a time !!!!
C Martin

Apparently it's customary to credit the photographer when you copy pics off the net
(#3 is mine...)
Only jesting - I mocked this up about 15 years ago and carried the pic in the toolbox as I could never remember how to refit them and it would always be in a panic over lunch in the paddock between races...
David Smith

I did actually remember three was yours and I think I remember who's three was, number one I think I remember but not too sure, two is my adaption of number one.

It was only recently I discovered there were tools for getting those springs on, for some reason not needed on l/h/s on my midget but sorely needed on the r/h/s, no idea why but is was the last three times, instead I only had mugs of tea and swearing.

Nigel Atkins

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