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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 rear springs..again

hi there experts.I have a 1500 with lowering spacers to the front springs and some very sad rear springs . All that adds up to a level car. I really need to replace the rear springs and have been looking for some lowered ones. missed on e bay, I am not a fan of lowering blocks. In my mispent youth I lowered my HA viva by sending the springs to a smithy, who reset them. Are there such people about now who could reset some standard new springs. Any recommendations or ideas appreciated, pref near south Norfolk!!! I don't ask a lot
rgds tony
a boyle

id try peter may enginering on your side of the pound

or peter moore from nothern ireland...he has been doing some ground breaking mg work....he post here regulary

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

If you want your rear springs reset or new ones made locally look for your local 'commercial vehicle' spring fellas.

There are dotted around the country small companies making leaf spings for the commercial vehicle and aggricultural vehicle markets. Difficulty being spotting them. (I have driven past mine for over 30 years before needing them and then took a while to recognising they could do the job).

Use a search engine to look for something like Motor Springs, or vehicle springs, or commercial vehicle springs.

My local is Midland Motor Springs. They have all that old kit for making cart springs (leaf springs) and bending and tempering as necessasary. They are in an old industry so expect it to look basic and not be too expensive. M.M.S. make any leaf spring from midget (probably the smallest they do) right up to huge multi leaf spings for rail based loaders and cranes used by British Waterways at their Trentside Depots.

Bound to be someone in agricultural Norfolk. Just a matter of finding them.
Dave Squire (1500)

Many thanks your advice chaps..i will do some more homework
rgds tony
a boyle

Hi A
the simplest and cheapest way is to fit new springs front and rear from an earlier model, the rubbernose (I'm assuming yours is), was made an inch or so higher for the USA regs.
If you put in new rear rubbernose springs (as I just did) the rear end will be way too high.
R W Bowers

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