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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 rebuild - suggestions..

Right. I should have my engine parts back tomorrow after a week away getting the bits washed and the head re-furbished - new unleaded seats and skimmed..

I intend to just build it back up again.. Same bolts following the prior thread on this subject..

I didn't want anything other than fairly stock 1500 performance for the moment. As I intend to ditch the bumpers (weight reduction must be worth a fair bit of fuel and performance)

However, does any one have any tips for good things to do when rebuilding these engines..?

Anti drain back oil filter is one on the list..

Its a flat block type ( eg no recess around cylinders ) so will any gasket do the job - or are there recommended ones ?
John Barber

I think K and N air filter and a tubular exhaust is worth a few hp with the 1500 John. But these are bolt on bits that you can worry about afterwards.

Hope your project is going well. Was going to post something about mine for your entertainment! Drivers floor was (mostly) cut out today. Turns out that the rubber carpet/flooring material was holding the whole front of the footwell together and even holding the floor to the sill! :-s

Anyway, I digress!

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Just went to the engine m/c shop today - they had skimmed the head and found a small area of rough casting which hadn't cleaned up - It appears to be inside the gasket line - chamber side - so I think I am okay to go forward with it. Given its depth they would have to machine a lot off to get completely rid of it...

Going to get the block cross honed and fit new rings..

got to order gaskets and sundries..
John Barber

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