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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 starting issues

I am new to MG ownership and have recently purchased a 1975 1500cc midget.

However, when I try to start it the engine turns over freely but does not start until I go to turn the ignition switch to off.
It then runs no problem.

Any suggestions as to a probable cause?

I was thinking it may be either an earthing point, or wiring problem to the solenoid.

Your thoughts are welcomed into finding a solution.

K Hughes

This is a simple problem

The 1500 has a ballasted coil and is therefore fed with 2 values of voltage.
The first is full 12V during cranking, the second is reduced voltage when running around 8 volts. (this is all designed to help starting

The control of this is done by the starter solenoid and ignition switch The ignition switch should have a power out terminal to run engine on reduced power (this circuit seems to be working) but the starter solenoid should have a terminal to give full power when solenoid is energised, this is not happening, the colour of the wire from the starter sol should be white with a light green tracer. Check if this is connected
Bob Turbo Midget England


Thanks for the quick reply.

It did come with a host of spares including a new solenoid !!!!

I will see if this is the problem later on in the week.

Any idea where I can also get an intermediate section for the exhaust as this also needs replacing?

Many thanks
K Hughes

This thread was discussed on 23/05/2012

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