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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 tandem brake mast c

Hi to site so please be gentle !!

I have a tandem brake master cylinder for my '76 1500 midget, does anyone know the length that the pushrod needs to be as they are no longer available......I have also been told that the pushrod length is critical to proper operation of the braking system.

Fingers crossed someone knows......many thanks.
R Morris

Gday RM I think the "critical" reference is about pedal free play. If you have to fabricate it why don't you make an adjustable one? as in motorcycle gear and brake linkages see image. The rose joint is not needed really but shows how adjustment can be obtained, of course the other end to the MC is rounded off to fit.
HTH Cheers Rod

R W Bowers

I have the tilton set up, and the push rods are adjustable....are you sure your pushrods are not adjustable....that seems odd for a system that has universial applications

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