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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 Timing Issues

I have timed my 1500 exactly as stated in the hains Manual think it is 10 degrees BTDC however the car is nor running high idle speed even with the idle adjusting screws all the way down. ( I have had the carbs on and off about 3 times and there are no air leaks) I know I have an old manual do I need to adjust the timing to allow for new unleaded fuels?
C Carter

As a general rule if you're trying to set the timing at tickover and you're not sure of the settings you'd adjust for maximum RPM. From this you can see that an increase in RPM indicates the timing is about correct. It would be a mistake to bring the tickover down by adjusting the timing. I understand you've adjusted the carbs to the minimum setting but I still think you should be looking on the fuel side as opposed to the ignition side. My 1500 runs standard timing and I have no problems with modern fuels, I do however use a lead replacement with an octane booster.

R.A Davis

The car is currently idling about 900 when cold and about 1400 when warm I believe the carbs are running rich, maybe I will try to set them up to see if that makes a difference.
C Carter

C Carter,
put the Haynes to one side and have a look at the instructions in the Driver's Handbook (Ref: 0058) -

also have a look at the two John Twist videos on setting the carbs, this one and the earlier one -
Nigel At

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