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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 wheel bearing

Hi all,

I have searched archive with no effect. Haynes is minimal 'take apart and reassemble,
As I use this car most days could do with a bit more heads up.
Looked in you tube with similar lack of help.

Is it just simples?

Have kit from Sussex so should be straight forward?

All help appreciated, could do with sorting in holiday. Thanks in advance, Dave
Dave Squire

Front or back?
Bob Beaumont

Sorry Bob, front offside, noisy, no play yet.
Dave Squire

If it's the same as on a 1275 then I've got some info and good links I could dig out for you.
Nigel Atkins

Thanks Nigel, I have the tools just no experience with the midget. Have looked at university motors but not found the one that shows it yet. Any heads up appreciated.
Dave Squire

obviously go for the "factory spec" FWB that have been mentioned here once or twice.

Note this otherwise you could b*gger the bearing as the mechanic did on mine without telling me - "– do NOT press on the inner race (doing this will damage the balls/races)"

the link -

And if you email me I send you the copies I done for installation as they wont show up well as images here (the thing I forgot to put on was the note above).

first name last name at bt internet dot com (all lower case only the one dot)
Nigel Atkins

Let' s hope your new bearing is the correct spec.
Dave O'Neill 2

Sussex do both, I'd have thought Lawrence would have put them on to the "factory" bearing kit as he liked them as a supplier.
Nigel Atkins

Been a while since I got the part. Will have to check tomorrow.
Dave Squire

I've found the altered copies I done for installation if you want them just email me as they won't show here very well, my email address is four posts back.
Nigel Atkins


Here is the link for the manufacturer of the front wheel bearings with the correct radius:

M Wood

Its the correct part kit. Phew.

Sending email Nigel

Thanks all.
Dave Squire

Ċaaand it's done. It's always been noisy but not as noisy as the last few weeks. Amazing I can hear the carbs at .... 60 ;-)

Thanks again. Dave
Dave Squire

Well done Dave.

But you can't consider yourself a paid professional in this unless you broken something, kept it to yourself and charged the car's owner for it.
Nigel Atkins

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