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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 Wiring Diagrams

I've got something shorting out at the moment and after a day of trying to chase wires through the loom using a rather oily copy of the Haynes manual diagram. I gave up and spent an evening adding colour to make things easier.

If anyone else wants copies you can download from.

There's also versions for each of the different wire colours.
Ian Beningfield

Nice work Ian! Wish I had a diagram like that whilst trying to label up my loom on the living room floor about twelve months ago.

I had to make do with a5 size black and white diagram!

M Le Chevalier

That's a really good find I've been squinting at my manual for weeks now trying to read the wire colour abbreviations. This will make things much easier.
Dave Pratt

Holy crap Ian! You are my new best friend! :)
Thanks so much for taking the time.

75 1500
Chris Elkerton

These are excellent! Very good quality like the similar ones you can get for the MGB from advance auto wire.

However, some suggestions/bugs:

You state they are simply Midget 1500 diagrams, but they specifically apply to 77 - early 78 models. Might be better to clarify they don't fully suit/match the earlier 1500s with mechanical oil and water gauge as well as ign light on tach or the later 78s and the final year models that also got 2 speed wiper systems for example.

The origional has an error in the oil pressure warning ciricuit where the White/brown and black wires swap places in the multiplug area. Would be nice if you did a quick fix on this for your colour version.

The Water temp gauge (48) sensor wire (Green/blue) terminates prematurely at the crossing earth wire.

Might be nice for clarity if you made it more obvious which wires shared a termination/connection on a component, for example the regulated voltage wire at the rear of the water temp gauge looks like it goes into the gauge and back out again seperatly, unlike the coil which is clearly shown to have one connection for 2 incoming wires on both the live and tach/coil points.

A key would be nice. Not all Haynes manuals are made equal and you don't state the book edition.

I received one of these as a gift:

Works well, if pricy. You may be able to find cheaper (or free) ones on the WWW.

Gryf Ketcherside

Thanks for the comments guys, things have been a but mental at work for the last week but I've finally found some time this evening to make some tweaks.

New versions uploaded (same link as before) now I just need to track down my own electrical gremlins
Ian Beningfield

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