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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 155/80 13 Tyre Recommendations

Lots of general tyre / wheel size stuff in the archives & after reading some of it I've settled on 155/80 tyres for my 4 inch wide wire wheels.

Any particular brand / model recommendations from those with experience of running this size?

Not expecting to do many miles per year & mostly in the dry (hopefully), so performance over longevity would be my prefernce.

Currently leaning towards Conti Contact 3's or Toyo 350's.


Paul Clark

I'm very happy with the Yokohama A-drive tyres and others have confirm this recommendation

they are available in 155/80/13 as I've just checked

they will overread by 3% on your speedo if you currently use 145/80/13 -
Nigel At

Thanks Nigel, I'd looked on the Yokohama website previously and they don't list any A drives with 80 profile.

Since you have them I'll try my local dealers.

Paul Clark

sorry Paul I'm on 155/70 (part of a tyre/wheel set)

but the list I downloaded from Yokohama listed 145/80/13 (79T IIRC)

a good tyre place should be able to get that size if available in the UK

if not I apologise
Nigel At

page 10 of their downloadable 2011 Brochure

but sorry they may not be available in the UK(?)

even if it's on the UK website -
Nigel At

I'm running conti sport contact 3 225x45x18 (on the SAAB Aero) and Michelin Energies 155x80x13 on the midget - both good including the wet.

richard boobier

Pirelli P3000 are my choice in 155/80/13 - partly nostalgic as I have fond memories of the Cinturato but also because they give a nice balance between grip and comfort. They fill the arches nicely too especially on RWAs.

Jeremy 3

Thank you for the responses so far. Further research into the Yokahama's suggest the model supplied in the size 155/80 13 are not but S760.

Further feedback welcome.
Paul Clark

Hi, I'm considerring refreshing my tyres (also on wire wheels) if you fitted 155/70/13 would this correct the over read on the speedo?

Mark Whitmore

I believe your speedo will over read by more if you switch to 155/70 13 from standard 145/80 13's.

See calculator earlier in this thread.
Paul Clark


take the guesswork out of it!

145/80 13 -> 155/70 13 = 0.6" smaller diameter, the speedo will read 2.7% faster than the 145 did.

It would be much better to fit 155/75 13, as they are an almost exact match to the 145/80 13 diameter.

Norm Kerr

I think that would be under read. ie speedo reads 30mph, you're doing 3% faster, so watch out for those speed cameras. Same thing occurs if you fit a higher fnal drive.

b higginson

Bernie, Norm, as Paul put >>See calculator earlier in this thread<<

or you could use Norm's but personally I don't like the look/presentaion of that one, love the 0.6" same way we used(?) to get wood 50mm X 50mm by the yard (36")

just because it's so easy to do I've email Yokohama UK to see if they stock 155/80/13 size of A-Drive in the UK as I might consider that size when the present tyres finally wear
Nigel At

oops, I missed the earlier link!

Engaging Excuse Mode: (thought is was just a link to a page in a catalog with a particular tire, rather than a size calculator)
Exiting Excuse Mode.

carry on,

Norm Kerr

Reply from (Aaron) Yokohama UK

>>Good Afternoon Nigel

Thank you for your enquiry.

We donít have this size in stock at this time. We are however getting this size in stock in the New Year. The tyre will be the new BluEarth1 tyre and not the pattern.

Kind regards

Aaron Neighbour

Yokohama HPT Ltd<<

BluEarth name suggests to me perhaps economy rather than performance but I don't know, will have to wait and see

no worries I do the same all the time, you obviosly missed the end bit of the web address ... visual-tyre-size-calculator
Nigel At


Thanks for sharing that information and I agree with your assessment of the new tyre model.

Does anyone know of any performance orientated tyres still made in the 155/80 13 size?

Paul Clark

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