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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1967 GAN-4 hornpush problem

Hi, need help with the hornpush on my 67 Gan-4 midget, it came with a boyracer steering wheel, Ive sourced an original steering wheel(chrome spokes) and an original hornpush assembley, i cant see how the hornpush assembley stays in the steering wheel boss, it just falls out!!the BMC manual says to remove it it should be prized out!!is there some kind of clip that Im mississing? also i have one wire in the middle of the column that when earthed to the column sounds the horn, how does this connect to the push? it seems that it had some kind of terminal on it originnally,this is basically all thats left to do for the MOT, so i am keen to sort it out. All help much appreciated. Martin.
m a frame

in the haynes manual it mentions that a bayonet type fitting is used on some models. in the moss catalouge it shows a plastic center peice which goes in the center of the wheel and then something that looks like a spring have got the same type of steering wheel on my sprite and it isnt much of a push to make the horn go but not took it apart as of yet sorry hope what ive said helps.
D Sartain

does this help?
item 41 is in fact 2 parts, there's a brass top-hat shaped cup that IIRC goes on with the steering wheel under the big nut, then the hornpush engages into it with a bayonet-type fitting. Here's one on ebay
David Smith

Martin, the original steering wheel I'm thinking of is the sprung three lots of twin spokes

I remember the copper horn slip ring but not what retains it and the horn push was one piece, can't remember any bayonet fitting but I could well be wrong

have you got the horn 'pencil' (brush-horn push, BHA 5041) that is usually fitted upside down

the factory reprint of the Parts Catalogue is your friend here - (Ref: 0016) -
Nigel At

Holy f343434343ng cow,

I had no idea that a horn push assembly was fetching so much money on ebay.

A few years ago, thinking that these were easily available, I got rid of a couple. After 30 plus years of ownership I has so much stuff hanging around it was cluttering the garage and loft too much. If I had realised that what to me was junk was in fact worth 50 plus quid, I'd have kept them. Me thinks I'll checkl my loft and see what I can flog on ebay myself.

I'll post a pic of my horn push assembly in situ to show you how it looks and connects, if someone else doesn't do it.

Lawrence Slater

This set of pics should show you what you need.

The horn push assembly isn't prised out. It's a bayonet fit, into a copper fitting.

The push face itself, can be removed from the assembly, it's just glued in place.

Heres the copper fitting and cable end in place.

Lawrence Slater

Here's the cable end exposed.

The cable is terminated into a plastic collar, held in place by a circlip.

Note the spring under the plastic collar.

Lawrence Slater

You also need this large spring.

Lawrence Slater

Et voilà'

Lawrence Slater

Brilliant,a few pics are worth a thousand words, thanks so much Lawrence, and everyone else, this site never ceases to amaze me!!!No excuse now, MOT on the horizon. Happy Spridgeting Martin.
m a frame

Well done Lawrence on those photos

Even seeing them I can’t really remember the set up, I suppose on you’ve fitted them you rarely need to take them apart

I need that copper ring when I bought one of only 5 produced then copy steering wheel and boss

I was very lucky as my wife found one at an autojumble for a few quid but they were scarce even then 15+ years ago
Nigel At

Now I know they are that scarce, I'm going to modify the fitting to prevent it being nicked next time I park with the roof down. Seriously. I've only got one spare left. lol.

Funny how you can get some bits, but not others.

If people are prepared to pay 56 quid (see ebay result) for these, then you'd think the suppliers would be happy to flog new ones at that price.
Lawrence Slater

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