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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1969 rear metal bumper

Hi everyone,
I just purchased a rear metal bumper, mounts and springs for a 1969 midget from victoria british. when I installed the bumper the gap between bumper and rear panel looked to wide. I was wondering if anybody can measure there bumper in the middle next to licence plate and tell what the distance from panel to bumper should be. Thanks in advanced.
Shannon moore

P.s. I am a new member and looking foward to getting to know everybody. thanks.
Shannon moore skm

Hi, welcome Shannon,
sorry I can't help you as I assume you have a one piece rear bumper rather than the split two piece

if you can add a photo of your car to your vechilce profile this could help a bit with questions as although the cars look the same there are quite a few differences over the years (and even months of a year) and between countires

I changed my previous Spridget from narrow to older bumpers but I have few photos of the car and none showing the rear bumper, sorry
Nigel Atkins

Thanks for your response Nigel. yes my bumper is a one piece bumper. I am going to post a pic once I figure out how to do so :-)
Shannon moore skm

to get a photo into the thread, in this case your photo of your rear bumper spacing just:-

a) Click-on 'Upload' below white text box

b) then you can upload your photo, you may need to resize down the photo if it’s too large

Nigel Atkins

To add photo of your car to your car profile:-

Click-on your own ‘View vehicle profile’

at the bottom of the vehicle profile page Click-on ‘Edit your vehicles’

on the next page Click-on ‘Edit (the vehicle)’

on the ‘Edit your car’s details’ page at the bottom Click-on the ‘Upload’ button

then you can upload your photo, you may need to resize down the photo if it’s too large
Nigel Atkins

Thanks for the helpful info Nigel.. Here is my bumper and rear panel gap.. almost 2"... I think maybe the springs were not formed correctly.

Shannon moore skm

That is a big gap!
Bigger than on my old "69.
My "66 has no bumpers so it is hard to check but I don't think the gap was more than an inch
Onno K

well that bracket isn't the same as the ones I had and the bumper itself looks different but that could be the photo and my memory

I assume it's a new remanufactured bumper rather than original rechromed

these might help you

link here for parts -

paper copy of reprint of factory Parts Catalogue - (Ref: 0016) -

paper copy of reprint of factory Workshop Manual - (Ref: 0002) -

or electronic copies of both plus owner's Handbook -
Nigel Atkins

I've not got a good photo of my previous Spridget (AH Sprite)

I converted it from the slimmer and split rear bumpers to the full width older bumpers

the bumper were original off another car but I never got round to having them rechromed or dent taken out

after I sold the car someone swapped those original bumpers for modern copies at the time which were brighter but not as good build overall as the orginals

Nigel Atkins

Here's mine before the cars was in bits. It might give a bit of an idea. I have the bumper off the car and can take photos of it if they'd be of any help.

Greg H

the profile of the bumper and overrider in Shannon's photo don't look right to me - unless it's me and/or the photo

perhaps a three-quarter angled photo same as Greg's might help with comparision
Nigel Atkins

not sure but are them brackets for the later type chrome bumper. ???

no, sorry, see my link to MGOC Spares (bumpers) -

plus I checked there were no US varaiances in my paper copy of reprint of factory Parts Catalogue - (Ref: 0016) -

ETA: it looks like it could possibly be an overrider type bracket to me, maybe
Nigel Atkins

I take it back that support bracket might be the right one but set too far out from the car when it should be bolted through the body to the support piec inside the boot(?)

I also can't see if that rear bumper has the number plate fold to it

definately more photos required I'm afraid
Nigel Atkins

I agree with Nigel that it looks like the bracket is sitting too far out from the rear and is missing its top fixing. It does appear to be the right bracket profile for the bumper.

I checked the clearance on mine, albeit it's a later model with a split bumper (original, I think) but the principle is the same, and it measures a fairly consistent 35mm (just under an inch and a half) and looks right.

Yes. A few more pics should throw more light on the problem...
Peter B

Here's my '66 MK1V Sprite rear end. Does this help you?

Actually I wouldn't worry about it being 2 inches out from the rear.

I've always thought mine were too close anyway. Look at the corners under the rear lights. Any impact, and the bumper is rammed into the wing. It's happened to me several times in the past.

So unless you are going for show specification standards, who cares, if it looks ok? And I think yours looks good, from the single shot you've shown us.

The bumper is supposed to be there for function first, and form secondly. Not that I think they are great at the function side of things, and many people take them off altogher, for form over function.

Anyway, here's 3 pictures of mine.

Lawrence Slater

Number 2

Lawrence Slater

Number 3, about 1,3/16 inches out from the rear.

And mine is original bumber brackets and overiders.

Lawrence Slater

I also notice that your bumper is sitting proud of the bracket. Whereas, mine is sitting slightly recessed.

This could be where your "extra" gap is coming from.

Lawrence Slater

The bumper is off my car (66 MKII Midget) at the moment, so these pictures may help to see the recess that Lawrence mentions, not as clean as yours Shannon.....

Tony Brough

Another one

Tony Brough

Last one, the bracket is not tight but as you can see the measurement from bracket to bumper is 1" + or - a tad.



Tony Brough

Your bumper iron should be tight to the bodywork, it isnt - your photo is cut off at the top so its hard to see what is going on

How have you secured it to the bodywork (and stiffner behind)

Either the leg on the bumper iron is too long or its not fixed at the correct points on the boot floor

My bumper measures 28mm from edge of blade to panel at the midpoint of the bumper

Its a '68 "fat" bumper with a fold for the number plate

S G Macfarlane

As mentioned above, the top of the bracket should rest flat on the body with a chrome finisher. Your bracket is about one inch away. Either the bracket is incorrectly attached to the body or you may have a repro bracket with the holes in the wrong location. I can measure a NOS bracket over the weekend if this will help you.
J Bubela

Thanks guys for sending the measuements and pics. I was out of town so I couldnt reply earlier. looks like my after market springs were not formed properly based on the measurements and pics you guys sent me. I was able to compress the srings on my vise to get s tighter clearance between bumper and rear panel. Thanks again guys for taking your time to send pics and measurments.. Here is apic of my project...
Shannon moore skm

Nice roomy and comfortable garage you have there. I'm very envious. :)

And what's with the round holes in the footwell sides? Is that a US thing or some mod your doing?

Lawrence Slater

Speaker mounting?

yeap. with top down I need more sound from the front. the 6x9's behined me just isnt enough..
Shannon moore skm

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