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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1970 Midget MkIII Gearbox

Can you guys tell me if the 1970 midget MkIII Gearbox was syncro in ALL gears. I'm a T-Series guy looking at a Midget for sale.
L Karpman

No only on 2,3 and top gear.
richard b

Thanks. I put a 5-speed in my TD (I just sold) about 9 years ago. Could never go back to the original gearbox. I would have thought by 1970 they would be syncro in all gears. Guess not.
L Karpman

you can always put a 5 speed in the Midget. There are a number of options the most common in the US being the Datsun 210 box which is becoming harder to find.

The whining first gear is part of the appeal, well until a tooth breaks off that is.....
Bill Bretherton

So, in what year was the "all syncro" gearbox introduced? BTW, I had a Datsun 210 gearbox in my last TD.
L Karpman

I'm guessing but suspect it was with the introduction of the Triumph engine and Marina gearbox? So about 74/75.
All A series engined cars had crash 1st gear.
Jeremy MkIII

What Jeremy said.
Dave O'Neill 2

They managed 4 synchro on Mini gearboxes so why not inline gearboxes? A lot of the bits should be sort of compatible. Probably thought 4 synchro boxes were for softies!

MG Moneypit


There probably wasn't enough volume to warrant redesigning the casing.
Dave O'Neill 2

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