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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1972 Midget track rod ends

I'm in the process of rebuilding front suspension and noticed that theres two types of track rod end ?
Theres no markings on the old ones, how do I tell which ones to get ?
Gary DH2
Gary Bewick

The difference is the size of the hole in the steering arm. Early racks had a larger hole. The Spit rack used a smaller tapered stud, thus a smaller hole. It depends on your rack.
J Bubela

You should be able to tell by chassis number, but identifying which rack you have will be a help.

If your steering rack is mounted on alloy brackets, which have a horizontal split, it is the earlier rack, based on the Morris Minor rack.

If it is mounted on steel brackets, where the caps are mounted at an angle of +/- 45 degrees, it is the later Triumph rack.
Dave O'Neill 2

I have this problem every time I need to replace the track rods or the steering rack (both done a few times in the 28 years of ownership) as I can never remember which I've got. My car left the factory on 24th December 1971 but wasn't registered until 1st August 1972......... Sorry this doesn't help you Gary but Dave's description of the bracket has confirmed in my head that it's the earlier one on my car. Which is good as I've just ordered a set of rubber gaiters for the steering rack.
Dave Thrussell

Aren't the rubber bellows on the Spitfire rack different sizes on each end? One is larger diameter than the other as I remember. That would tell you at a glance which rack you have. You can see the different types in the photos on this page.
Mike Howlett

those are generic gaiters shown in the link you posted, most places sell them but I've found they're a b*gger to fit and will crack and craze with 6 months of use - both the set I bought did anyway.

I changed the first set after about 6-9 months because it could have been a MoT failure only to find the second set were just as bad within 6 months but they didn't get a lot worse after that so I spoke to the MoT tester and he said as long as they weren't split he'd pass them which he did and I'll have to check again this year.

The ones available for Triumphs which are the proper shape I was told by a supplier aren't very good but they'd be a lot easier to fit.
Nigel Atkins

if you buy the TRE made by Fast Line open both boxes and check both TREs are correct as the Fast Line part number for the correct TRE is almost identical to another incorrect Triumph TRE - I know as that happened to me.
Nigel Atkins

If it helps, I bought "Track Rod Ends for; MG midget Sprite Triumph Herald Spitfire Vitesse GT6, GSJ158" Item no ( 201672848088 )

from lotsofclassicbits on eBay. They fit my later rack (1972) and have grease points on them. I replaced one side that had gone loose and the other side that had gone stiff. The steering is much improved.
Rob Armstrong

71 /72 is the cusp for the transition from the early to the triumph

The easiest way to determin which is which

Look at both sides of the rack

If the track rods that come out of the gaitor are the same size dia on both ends ... its an EARLY RACK

IF THE rods and boots are clearly visable that one side is a thicker dia then the other side... its the triumph later rack... you wont have to guess from comparing it will be blantly obvious by looking at the dia of where the rod protrudes out the rubber boot

If ordering new boots and talking to moss on the phone ... make sure they know this, they got a habbit of sending the wrong boots

There are some 72 with the early rack and some 71 that replaced there racks (pro shops) with the triumph ... so pay attention. Its not common to see the rack switched but it does happen for what ever reason


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Sorry mike...

I just now saw that you posted the same basic tip i just published on determining which rack is which

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