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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1972 MkIII Midget- fuel pump wiring

I am rewiring my 1972 midget and am unsure as to where the wiring for the fuel pump goes through the boot floor. I can see two gromets close together near the back where the wire could pass through, but I have been told that these are for the two fuel pump breather pipes. Any ideas???
TS Snudden

you are correct, the two holes close together, and directly above the pump are for the breather hoses

The wire harness that goes to the pump, and the tank sender, pass through the boot floor just behind the RH wheel. You'll see a hole and a grommet there.

Norm Kerr


Here's a photo that almost shows it, you can just see the blue wrapped harness near the top, center of the photo, peaking out from between the lightening holes in the boot side reinforcement. The harness passes through the grommet just a little bit to the left of there.


Norm Kerr

Ok, I have found it. Thanks a lot,

TS Snudden

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