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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1975 MG Midget Battery


I have recently purchased a 1975 MG midget.

It needs a new battery as the one in the car has no spark, I have seen on the internet that Halfords have a 038 battery that would be suitable for the car.

However many people seem not to be keen on Halfords batteries. Any thoughts on weather it would be suitable?

Link to battery:
R Williams

No spark might not be battery

but if you have doubt about the existing battery put a new one in, it will pay dividends later for starting, getting round problems temporarily and help with problem solving

Unless you have loads of additional electrical things added to your car or your alternator is poor then that battery will be fine

Only problem the lugs are at the front (instead of back) so connections can get very close to the battery clamp bar - do not let them touch, insulate or cut sections out of retaining bar

Remove negative connection first and reconnect it last

Make sure you battery connections and leads are clean and tight

A little dab of someting like Vaseolen on the lugs before fitting and cover after fitting

see -
Nigel Atkins

I have a Halfords battery in my 1500 1979 been in for 6 months No problems at the moment.
n Allen

Cheers guys thanks for the quick and useful comments, picked up a new battery and she started first time, not bad for a car that hasn't been used for over 15 years!
R Williams

>>car that hasn't been used for over 15 years!<<

I would also suggest getting a owners Handbook to fully learn about the car (again?) - (ref 0058)

and as soon as possible a full and proper 36,000 mile service

and regular use of the car with benefit the car and you

good luck, enjoy
Nigel Atkins

the heavy frosts this winter have killed of my battery so have purchased a 40ah 330cca calcium battery from A1 motor stores.comes with 2year warranty and priced at 43 inc VAT. abit cheaper than Halfords so will have to wait and see how it lasts. norman
N Speak

i bought two halfords batteries for my midget and mini. had to take them back after about 6 months, got new ones, and same thing happened again. I ended up replacing them for Bosch batteries (more expensive - unless you have a trade card) but havenet had any issues since!

dont scrimp on batteries
Rich K

I agree with Rich don't skimp on batteries

Halfords used to do a much wider range of batteries including other makes IIRC

I've not bought a battery from Halfords for a few years but when I did all were good, some had 5 warranties

Best to buy a battery at your convience rather than as a 'distress purchase' after the first or second really cold snap of winter when you need to take whatever is on the depleted shelves rather than ordering up what you want at other times
Nigel Atkins

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