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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1975 midget stops llike a freight train

Do the 75's have a poor brake system and can I improve them some how?
T Leach

Drain and flush the fluid

New discs and good pads and shoes, not motor factor guff

They should be no worse than any other midget out there.

Properly adjusted - and adjustment, especially of the rear brakes is the key - your car should easily lock all 4 wheels at 30mph. The cars are so light they should brake as efficiently as most "moderns".

Sounds like something is not right in the hydraulics. If you don't have to pump the pedal to get it to stop above the floor, the adjustment should be close enough to avoid comparisons with trains ;-) Time to pick up an end of the car at a time and ask a lovely assistant (or reasonable equivalent) to push the pedal while you determine if it is affecting all four wheels. I would guess that one of the front calipers (both?) is frozen. The rear brakes are good to have, but it is the front brakes that do most of the work.

Addressing the original question, there is no significant difference between 75 and the surrounding years, so no, there is nothing inherently poor about the braking system.
David "ought to get around to replacing the rear rotos on my GTi" Lieb
David Lieb

This thread was discussed on 06/03/2011

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