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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - '1976 1/2 Model'

I looked at my VIN number located on one of my midgets today and then compared that with information in the Horler book. According to the Horler book, my Midget is a "1976 1/2" Model. What is a 76.5 model? What is the difference between a 76 1/2 and 1976, 1977 models?
Ron Koenig

Ron, the main differences between the 76 and 77 models, here in Canada anyway and probably the US as well, is the instrument faces and the Canadian ones read the accumulated mileage in kilometers instead of miles.

The steering wheel is a 4 spoke black plastic type one compared to the earlier 3 spoke aluminum one. The horn button was moved from the steering wheel to a stalk push type as well. There is some small variations on the EGR system too located under the bonnet. The 76 has a manual choke and the 77 an automatic one. My 76 ran on premium leaded fuel and the 77 on regular unleaded fuel.

There are some others as well such as the chrome handbrake lever on mine but at sometime that changed during the production run to a black handled one and the 77s at some time also had black licence lamps and mirrors as opposed to the chrome/stainless steel ones on the 76.

As for Mr. Horler's book, I feel he may be spot on for the UK vehicles because frankly I don't know all about them and they are easily accessible for him, but I wasn't overly impressed regarding his knowledge of the NA spec Midgets so personally I wouldn't take his information as "written in stone" gospel. In fact, I gave my copy of his book away.
Clive Reddin

Under production dating in the Horler book...

1976 '1/2' model: Aug 76 - Dec 76 (182001-187529) 5528 cars built

There was a break in numbers from 181663 (last 76) to 182001. There were no cars built between Jan and Aug 1976.

Is there such a thing as a 1976 '1/2' model or did Terry Horler make that up?
Ron Koenig

Ron, contrary to Mr. Horler's way of thinking, I don't think there's a 76 1/2 model of Midget.

Production changes certainly do occur such as handbrake levers even during the 76 year itself. Happens to all car manufacturers. He has changes on Midgets that my car already has before some of the numbers he listed which is why I don't think his book should be taken as "written in stone", especially concerning the N.A. spec cars.

I don't think any car except for perhaps the 64 Mustang has been described as a 1/2 model for the general public.

There's lots of controversy over Midget production enough for all and my way of thinking is to just enjoy the car for the fun of driving it gives and leave the bickering over this or that to those who don't have one or are afraid to drive theirs.
Clive Reddin

Mine is a 1975 midget US specification and 1976 model.
I suspect mine to be a inbetween or 1/2 model too when it come to wiring.
Never found a wiring schedual that was the same as mine, not in the Haynes or any other workshopmanual i have.
Arie de Best

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