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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1977/1500 Breather Plud

Hi all, just doing a three oil change today, whilst draining off the rear axle oil I noticed a plug towards the top of the axle, not sure what is was so unscrewed it, looked in Haynes and it appears to be the Breather Plug, My question is is this the correct Plug ? as it looks different to the image in Haynes and it is a bit slack on the thread, It does have two breather holes.
By the way it was not as clean as this when I took it out, it was completly blocked up with "crud"


J Street

Looks O.K to me.

It does need cleaning off occasionly to ensure any pressure developed by the rotating diff bits can escape with out letting crud back in. Without a breather the oil seals would be put under pressure and leak (even more than some do already !).

richard boobier

Thanks Richard just wasn't sure it was same as shown in Haynes,but as long as it goes the job I guess
J Street

This thread was discussed on 21/05/2011

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