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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1977 Midget 1500 fuel Pump Help

Having taken my car apart some time ago, I am now puting it back together, when it came to refitting the manual fuel pump and fuel lines I cant remember which is the inlet and outlet on the Pump.

Its a Ac manual type pump with a connection towards the top and one slightly lower down.

Any advice would be great.
B Lodge


Hope this helps!


D Prince

My fuel pump has little arrows cast in to indicate flow direction... not yours?

Gryf Ketcherside

Can you not just operate the lever and see which port sucks and which blows?


I would think so...

Quick test: put one end of a hose on a pump barb, the other end in a container of fuel, operate the pump, if it blows bubbles...that's the outlet, if it pumps fuel...that's the inlet...simple as that!

Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

Hi all Thanks for your comments, I have tried the bowl of fuel trick on the pump direct, and have found the following. One side blows and sucks and the other appears to do nothing. I am wondering if the pump at self is at fault, however this said it worked fine before it was removed from the car.

Any advise would be appreciated.
B Lodge

If the pump sat up dry for any length of time, the diaphragm may have cracked or a valve may have stopped up.

Don't take a chance, now's the time to replace it...

Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

Right, there should be two little one-way valves in there. I once had one fall out of its socket, but I had other tolerance-related problems with that pump as well.

Just make sure that the valves are clean, and that the diaphragm is sound.

Gryf Ketcherside

Thanks all for your kind words of help, it turns out the diaphragm had dried up, Solution removed the top cover from the pump poured in a cap full of petrol refitted to car and the fuel began to flow. Was just about to give up and buy new pump.

B Lodge

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