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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1979 MG MIDGET- Heritage shell?

Hi Team
Just bought a fabulous 1979 midget with an immaculate body. Made me wonder if its a replacement Heritage shell. Are there any simple checks to quickly identify a Heritage shell?
Best wishes
j henderson

I had reason to establish whether my shell was a BMH replacement. The only proof I found was to locate the serial number plate on the nearside wheel arch.

As on mine it was covered with a thick layer of underseal, I could only find it by removing the headlight, and carefully scraping the underseal off. Otherwise it could probably be found using a mirror and torch. The serial number on mine began with 'BMH', and I contacted British Motor Heritage with the number, who were able to confirm the authenticity of the shell.

The 7th large photo down on this webpage shows the exact location of the serial number.

J Smith

Jim - didn't know about that number but IIRC mine had a number to the rear of the B pillar, inside the cockpit, just behind the driver's seat. However it was a while ago now as the shell was supplied by M&G International in Birkenhead so I may be suffering from memory fade :)
Jeremy Tickle

Do Heritage 1500 shells have the gearbox filler hole in the side of the tunnel?
Dave O'Neill 2

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