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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1st classic

When is the right time to change Spark plugs..Ok I admit it..I am a TOTAL dum5hit..Im flying blind,and Im bumming around in the Moggie..and it starts..well its not a misfire,or a broken sparkplug...(checked)..but around 50-55mph it feels like a cut out of some kind ..which is remedied by a blast of choke...

Took them out,sooty..around the ceramics ..bit of whiteishness checked next to the Haynes pics and nowt matches

See I love these cars and I am clueless..Im not 50/60 years I was not 'There at the time'...Dads 300+ miles away (and getting sick of me ringing...and the classic car clubs and restorers are a closed shop (or rude..or plain phucking weird)...

Im trying to be polite,but no-ones taking me under their wing..and in fact Im beginning to feel utterly stupid and out of my depth....

Ross (losing hair)

Ross Adams

Whereabouts in West Yorkshire are you Ross.

There's a few of us on here in the neighbourhood to call on if needed.

As for spark plugs, I've run some for many years without issues and some that appeared to need changing very quickly.

We stick to NGK now and they do last an age.

Andrew McGee

sounds like a fuel supply problem? Plug colour probably OK :) Check for squashed fuel lines and similar.

Come along to Ye Jolly farmers tomorrow (near thirsk)YO7 3HY, if you can, for the Yorkshire MASC meeting, form 12:30. We're not that weird, though at least one person has a flat cap... ;) and the home-made pie is somewhat legendary

I wasn't even thought of 'at the time' :p

And I like moggies :)
Rob Armstrong

>>but around 50-55mph it feels like a cut out of some kind ..which is remedied by a blast of choke...<< fuel related probably, got a filter perhaps

see Rob hopefully he'll let you get your hands dirty and have the experience unless he can't resist fiddling with the old girl himself

same applies to Moggies as Spridget

owners Handbook

(factory or if not suppliers) Parts Catalogue

full and proper servicing (probably listed in Handbook) maintaince and repairs

DVD availble

a slightly more pleasant list is available on request by emailing me building up a few notes for non-mechanicals (like me) and new owners

even - wait for it - had a few thank you for recommending those owners Handbook

(many more sick of it no doubt)

I had a Moggie for a week, oh no I done that story already . . .
Nigel At

Ross welcome aboard

Yes this is a Spridget board but there are a few dedicated Moggie owners here and we like all these older BC cars anyway :)

You would be well advised to get the car to the Yorkshire folks's meeting.

Soon get you sorted
Bill 1

Thing is..I am part of the MASC,but its a fruitless exercise because I work saturdays ALL THE TIME... I work in Goole,but Im living in Castleford...Im having thoughts of servicing the carbs and replacing the sparks..oil..the full monty...

I occasionally 'See' other classics in the distance...but no-one seems to want to play (GT6's,B's,Jags,Vitesses etc)

Chatted with a friend and he thinks replace sparks...
Ross Adams


I gotta say this mate, coz everybody else is too polite to.

Stop f*@#$@#$ing whining, go to a meet and ask for help from the 50 and 60 year olds even if they are weird.

Take you under their wing? Yeah right.

Help yourself and others will help you. You have to put youself out a bit in this world.

Take an hour or 2 off work.


What do you want? Some one to drive over to you?

Lawrence Slater

Whoa!! Who got out of the wrong side of bed this morning Lawrence? Ross- ignore him, he's our current resident grumpypants.

Ross comes on here asking for help, and explains that he's found some of the people to be rude, well, there's another one to add to the list!

If you work Saturdays then the MASC meetings are going to be difficult to get to :) :)

- but Lawrence, is really suggesting time off work to go to a pub with some friends going to help?

Ross I'd be more than happy to have a look at it if we can be in the same place at the same time - chuck me an email on ra506ATyorkDOTacDOTuk and we'll see if we can sort something out. I'm out the south of York, so not too far from Goole :)

Please don't let replies like Lawrence's put you off this BBS, were a helpful bunch really :) :) :)

Servicing the carbs and changing the plugs all will help, even if they're not the issue it'll run better after doing them.

Rob Armstrong

Oh, I'm awfully sorry for upsetting the delicate balance of sensitivities around here. Prey forgive me, please. :) --- ever so umble onest guv.

Have you asked the "the classic car clubs and restorers" what they think of you Ross? Maybe they think you are weird too. Maybe your perception of rude is only their reaction to you.

I suggested he take time off work to go to the meet you invited him to, in order to give him the help that you offered. So yes, I would have thought that him putting himself out a little to accept your offer of help, would indeed be useful/helpful. But anyway he responded that "he works all the time".

Even his Dad is "sick of me ringing". Hardly suprising is it? No wonder he's 300 miles away lol.

And maybe the "GT6's,B's,Jags,Vitesses" don't want to play with him because they saw him coming.

But on the other hand, maybe he is the sweetest child ever produced in this fair land, and deserves all the mollycoddling he can beg or borrow :)

So tell me Ross my dear, how may I be of service today?

We are at your disposal, to suit your convenience of course :):):):).

Would it be helpful if I drove up from kent to assist you? Only when you can spare me a few seconds of your precious time of course. Heavens forbid that I should inconvenience you. :)

I do appologise for my earlier response. I just can't help being a grumpy old bastard, that thinks if you ask for help, you should at least accept the offer of help graciously, or decline it politely, with out a poor me attitude.

But that's just li'le ol eccentric me I guess. :)
Lawrence Slater

Woah..Didnt think I was going to get that on here...Guess some people wont help but just flame......On a 'Classic car site'?? Man who'd think it??...This place was Reccy'd by Tim (Yorks Rep) and he said it was a good place..guess you get rotten tommys on every board...What can I say..Slater ..Thankyou and God bless. I guess as I need to learn how to repair/maintain/restore,as much as some need to learn politeness,grace and manners...and the ability to deal with other people,esp those in need

I thought this sort of thing ended outside the teenage disco...
Thankyou Rob,I will email you...I do apologise about the frustration, I think we were all newbies once.

Ross Adams

Well there you go Ross. Life is full of surprises.

"I guess as I need to learn how to ..........." lol.

I guess as you also need to learn how to write english too :):).

Flame flame :)

Always pleased to help an newbie:).
Lawrence Slater

Aint you the big man behind the keypad...

Look old boy..lets put it like this... You obviously cannot read... You obviously think you know it all,and yeah you,for def,could probably dick me at mechanics..hense why Im here... frustrated and trying to learn.. maybe a few stereotypes I typed caused offence.. and maybe you fell into the bracket, The old,fat,short,bald,grubby soon to be dead..??(B drivers as one rep called them). But your attitude towards me,and a few other on this site just stinks... Grow up, get from behind the screen and be a real man... could be post 55 and have a problem with your prostate,maybe you are a divorcee with an empty house and life that passes time away tinkering/fettling/trolling...whatever floats your boat...waiting for the day you fail to hold your water,and they put in a home for the waking dead (O signs..Q go-go).

I knew I'd bump into your sort one exist everywhere,regardless of hobby/past-time/profession. Boastful of your experience and sneering at anyone that might ask or question it... Yeah I can winge ,but I will learn,and then it fades..and I'll help someone else,some day,maybe on here..maybe in the real world..

Yours IS a lonely world isnt it... Im shocked you even get invites to meets/clubs....BBQs...dinner parties (meals on wheels does NOT count). But maybe Im wrong,and you are not part of a club..ohh..yeah I know everything already... It must be difficult with your head crammed up your colon to express this vast abyss of knowledge

DO you have any real mates....Mine are not into this sort of thing,and most think Im mad for getting into it,but they are happy for me... As my choice of vehicle make me happy in return.

I wouldnt lower myself to ask from help from people like yourself..Please refrain from bothering to interject on any thread I wont be welcome..ever.


Ross Adams


Rob has offered to help - just email him

I've offered to help with my advice notes just email me if you want them

Rob's will be practical help, mine advice from experience two different approaches to the same end - you enjoying a your car

you could help yourself by getting the DVD -

which contains:
Parts Publications

•Morris Minor Series MM & II 1948 to 1952 - Service Parts List w/supp no 8 & letters
•Morris Minor Series II 1953 to 1956 - Service Parts List
•Morris Minor 1000 1956 to 1969 - Mechanical Service Parts List
•Morris Minor 1000 1956 to 1969 - Body Service Parts List
•Morris Minor 1000 1956 to 71 - Parts Fiche
•Morris Minor 1/4 Ton Van & Pick Up 1956 to 69 - Mechnical Service Parts List
•Morris Minor 1/4 Ton Van & Pick Up 1956 to 69 - Body Service Parts List
•Morris Minor 1/4 Ton Van & Pick Up 1956 to 1971 - Parts Fiche
•SU Carburetter (BMC) - Service Parts List

Service Publications
•Morris Minor All Models 1948 - 1971 (loose leaf)

Owners Literature
•Morris Minor Series MM 1948 to 1952 - Owners Manual
•Morris Minor Series II 1953 to 1955 - Owners Manual
•Morris Minor Series II (Saloon & Traveller) 1955 to 1956 - Owners Manual
•Morris Minor 1000 1956 to 1957 - Owners Manual
•Morris Minor 1000 1957 to 1962 - Owners Manual
•Morris Minor 1000 1962 to 1969 - Owners Manual
•Morris Minor 1000 1970 to 1971 - Owners Manual

also if you can get paper copies of owners Handbook and parts cataloges they would be more convient

good luck with your Moggie
Nigel At

Thankyou Nigel..I totally agree on the point you make about these vehicles MUST be used,as often as poss... They do NOT like being idle..

And never go on Ebay drunk... :)
Ross Adams

Ross my love.

It’s a keyboard, not a keyPAD. A keyboard can contain a keypad, but not the other way round. :)

My my, you are easy to reel in aren't you?

The old,fat,short,bald,grubby soon to be dead..??

"..??(B drivers as one rep called them. " ha ha ha. I wonder how many B drivers might take issue with that. :)

Some are quite tall I understand, and some are female.

Now there’s a picture. ---- An old short fat balding grubby bird in a B. LOL.

Me? Well --- , oldish yes:), but not fat short bald grubby.

Soon to be dead? That's relative isn't it? We are all "soon to be dead".

"get from behind the screen and be a real man...”

What does that mean?

Not everybody post 55 has a prostate problem you'll be pleased to know, and mine is quite dandy. My doctor assures me so.

Empty housed divorcee? I wish lololol.

Oh my empty life, so full of time to pass, and water to hold. lololololol.

Your a funny kid ross. :) Stand up are you? No. I think not.

"I knew I'd bump into your sort one exist everywhere,regardless of hobby/past-time/profession. Boastful of your experience and sneering at anyone that might ask or question it... Yeah I can winge ,but I will learn,and then it fades..and I'll help someone else,some day,maybe on here..maybe in the real world.."

Precious stuff. hahahahaha.

And alas my dear Ross, so do your type exist in greater numbers than one would wish for. :)

Yes, it's a terribly lonely world. So much so, that my greatest form of entertainment is winding up the likes you lolololol.

And I agree, it is a burden, carrying my vast store of knowledge around. But one must carry ones burden lightly, without moaning about it to the world. :)

Oh surely Ross, you should know all about colons, and the proximity of the head to it. After all, you seem to talk quite freely out from yours. :):)

No, I have no mates. Poor poor poor me.

Will you be my friend Ross? Please?

Now come on, be nice and how can I help lol..
Lawrence Slater

No longer funny, Lawrence.

Now I don't often feel the need to add my two penneth but I feel Lawrence has gone too far!
This is obviously a new and young member with his first classic who has asked for our help and has had the decency to demean himself as not knowing much but is willing to learn.
I still remember my dads mate driving 40+ miles to help me fit my roof and suspension, these things are never forgotten and if the new classic owners are nurtured and tutored they will become the dads mate in the future ( which I am now!!).
If I were a bit closer I would offer my services and take great pleasure in doing it.
Good luck with the car Ross and please stick with it the fun and enjoyment is worth the scraped knuckels and AA truck journeys!!!
All the best Simon.
S McGregor

What is it about the Internet? It seems to be a place where people think they can just write the sort of things about each other, that if they said it in a pub or on the street, they'd probably get a smack in the mouth.
All the above nastiness that that the two main protagonists have said about each other is totally irrelevant to the fact that this is a car forum, so come on guys, this really is a good place, so let's not spoil it. I could understand a debate if there was a difference of opinion on a technical issue, but not petty sniping just for the sake of it.

b higginson

Hello all, I referred Ross here for some help after he called me on Friday with a query about a problem with the fuel pump on his midget that unfortunately I haven't got the technical expertise to diagnose. I wasn't aware of his problems with his Moggie (or even that he had a second classic).

I am really glad that Rob has offered to help Ross, and it is a shame that Ross' first visit here has been so firey. This forum is *the best place* internationally to get your spridget problems resolved by so many expert minds, and hey, if you have other cars with "A series" issues, I know from when we had ADO16's people will help if they can.

It is a great shame, Ross, that you aren't able to meet up with us on Saturdays, as we really aren't a weird or rude bunch :o) - and a lot of us are well under 50 - including Rob who's in his twenties *and* super hot technically having installed a k-series in his midget by himself. So you'll be in good hands...
Mothy - '65 GAN3 and '65 HAN8

Still think thats not bad for a moggie that speed.
D Sartain

Ross I've got a few other general notes, that don't have to acted acted on immediately they can't be read and keep for future reference nothing technical or very clever just easy stuff but some of which is often overlooked, almost all will be applicable to both your classics

email me if you want them they're a on MS Word to arrange and store as you see fit

nigelatkins (at) bt internet (all one word) (dot) com
Nigel At

Piss off Slater, you seem to ask for more trivial help from this site than most
Keith Davies

Slater..Is that the best you have? You are one of those sad guys I find swinging from a 40w lightbulb. Take your thoughts and put them back in your handbag beside your tampons and mints.
Thankyou all... Yeah,Im a newbie,I admit it.. Green as an Argyle strip...
Ross Adams

It wasn’t particularly meant to be funny. Just making a point about the, “rude..or plain phucking weird” comment, in his original post, coupled with the subsequent whinging about how difficult his life is, ----without the slightest hint of a thank you for the offers of help he received.

I guess I’m just old fashioned like that.

S McGregor,
Young or old, it’s a shame he didn’t have the decency not to call the local club and restorers “rude..or plain phucking weird” on here then. Clearly his idea of "trying to be polite" isn’t going to get him under many peoples wing.

Or maybe it will. Perhaps that IS polite in today’s parlance. I’m too old to know I guess :)

Keith Davis,

:) How often do you go looking for guys, swinging from 40-watt light bulbs then? What kind of club is that?

Whatever, I’ll let you have the last word, I’m sure you want to.
Lawrence Slater

Slater if it gets you wet I will...(Last word)

Reread my 1st post.. you seem to miss the brackets. At no point do I call the club or ALL restorati 'Rude or phucking wierd'..Its just some..(Probably paintcrazy or somesuch).You have sadly been the latter.. a rude,nasty,little man that types his wisdom from a keyPAD...Of which it these modern hipswinging beat times...whilst you wait for someone to help you make it to the toilet. Rereading will also make visible that I work SATURDAYS all the time... Not ALL the time as in '24/7'.. as you want to make out ala childish moan.. you twisted that,your fail.. Reading is the key here Mr Slater,reading is the key.
I think you probaly were drunk when reading and posting this weekend fella,because I thank quite a few on here that have offered help,advice and email addys,and generally good tones..

Now run along,and keep pretending that you are someone of value to the rotary club in Gillingham.

Yours (in last word)

Now F@ck off.

Ross Adams

Ross, just ignore him. It's easy. Anyway, he's new here, and the rest of us don't talk to others like that, even if it's supposed to be tongue in cheek.

Just ignore him mate, honestly. don't even read his posts cos I don't any more. Don't bite, it's pointless, he's just trying to wind you up now.

Anyway, I can give you a hand if need be. I live in Crofton so not far from you. Let me know if you want it.


Hey are you the guy with the Frogeye (white) with the turbolike vent on the interior.? :)
Ross Adams

Thankyou by the way,and which side of Crofton are you?
Ross Adams

Hi, no not me. My midget is in the garage just been finished off after a couple of years engine rebuild/part tidy up. I live near the cock & crown if you know it.

Not sure I know that frogeye either, where have you seen it?

Male...40s,heavy set,glasses,black bomber jacket,jeans,parked up and trying to rejoin the flow of traffic Barnsleyward opposite Pontefract racecourse...

White,maybe black sills,bumpered with Hardtop. and turbo vent on the bonnet. Tim the local rep has no idea either...
Ross Adams

Wow that sounds a cool car - put the details in general and Gary will know I'm sure.

Welcome to the forum - most of us are normal and treat others how they set out to treat us (and Lawrence hasn't thanked people for their advice when he's asked for it before so is on a rather sticky wicket there!!! So do what Tarquin et al say :)).

Welcome to the board and, it looks like you've got an old man to come and help you!!! In defence of the clubs, like all other things there are good and bad, but many people do help you - having said that, sadly you're the second person recently I've heard it from of there, so hopefully it's the same people and not too widespread ...

Good luck with your car - and why not have a look at MGs on track? They head up to Croft and are a nice group who welcome people - hopefully you don't work on Sunday all day too.

Rach, an old man? You surely must be referring to Arie, my 2 months senior older brother?

Tq isn't my real name you know, it's one of those cool online avatar thingies. Although I won't be descending to the levels of t-shirts with them on, like I saw at Mini in the Park yesterday.... Shame on them.....

Ross, you are welcome to come over Tues or Thurs eves if you aren't at work. My mate will be over at mine too those days while we finish the midget off. We can have a look at your Moggie.

I also work on saturdays so couldn't make a masc meet too. Which model is your car exactly?


We have been floating the idea of a mid week / Sunday mtg for MASC to give coverage of West / South Yorks in the Wakefield area for a while now as there are quite a few spridgets around there (and I can think of at least 6 owned by people in their 20s and 30s) - we just need a volunteer to organise it!

Lots of us are in more than one club as different clubs offer things (as well as being a Yorkshire MASC rep, I'm also in the MGCC for example and do a lot of the Yorkshire centre events). We have a similar problem in that the MGCC don't have a local meeting near us that we can get to easily because of dates and distances, but have you tried the West Yorkshire centre mtg which might be accessible? If that isn't your cup of tea, is there also an MGCC Lincolnshire Centre mtg somewhere at the top of North Lincs mid week that you could try out? Rach McB and Bob (Robert) both regular active posters on here are in Lincs MGCC and I'm sure will take you under their wings.

And you've got Rob and Tarqs offers of help, both young (despite Rach's comments!) nice and technically expert guys :o)
Mothy - '65 GAN3 and '65 HAN8

Im just an observer here now out of interest as I dont drive mgs anymore. but Ive been reading this and not sure if I should give my view or not as I dont want to get in an argument with anybody. But now it has turned back to normal mode again I hope so I thought I would.

Boy im amazed at how much this site is a slanging ground now when it used to be much easier to get on here.

Mr Slater although you had a point when you first said something I say to you with respect if you had been a little bit polite instead of insulting the kid maybe he might have been polite to you to. Did you think of that.

Thats whats wrong today people just arent polite enough anymore.

Anyway he is now saying thanks to everybody so thats all that matters.

Well thats what I think anyway so if you think im wrong you can say just be nice about it please.

Haha - Rach was just being mean - and, we don't actually know exactly how old Ross is - so, mid-30s might be positively ANCIENT to him ;)!

Mothy - I'm actually Anglia .... but there is a lovely guy called Geoff who's a Yorkshire member though, got a really nice grey Midget set up for sprinting, but he autotests it - I can get permission to pass on his details should you want it? I think he might go to the North Lincs meeting, as I know he stays over when he comes down to the Anglia autotests.

At least you see now that most of the joking that goes on is pretty light hearted though ;)


There's nowt wrong with being old you know. You get more money, more free time, don't get pestered for sex all the time and can fart whenever you like!

lol! Well thats enough said about the other half, what about you Guy?


Guy I totally disagree with you

about the more money

saw some "classic" Minis on Sunday whilst I was on a run in the Midget gave them all a wave only a few waved back

didn't realise it was a meeting at the Pod but it makes sense as I was around that area
Nigel At

Said it before will say it again

"freedom of speach"

It means you should be able to say anything it does not you should say it!
Onno Könemann

My cars

68 MkIV Sprite,in BRG but its really bitsa (even more so since I fried the gearbox and had a type 9 fitted (It's a dream addition)...currantly spitting fuel from the pump (I think its the adaptors,but Im end of the month..Ive had a few people link me to places to obtain said items)
and.. There's The Moggie...its Reg'd to 65,but Ive been told by insurance its a 62..again modd'd in a trad way...Riley drums,Alternator,reverse lights,fogs,spots,adjustable seats (think they are Marina..I think?!?) Trafalgar blue...

In reply to the very very top of this thread,yesterday, a fellow in a local shop,shocked his manager and me by being a total Mini-nut ("Had a go or owned pretty much every model/type except these modern German things")..and in the middle of the main drag in town it's bonnet up and getting dirty....and that day I learned the importance of 'clean points' and HT leads... corrosion, emery paper (amazing what a works sanding pad cleans) picking bits of crud off with screwdrivers... WD-40 and its almost biblical qualities etc etc...

All this is probs route 1, to some, but if you dont know..or have never,you dont you...Up until a few months back,I had never really picked up a is addictive :)

Anyhow, I think it's solved the problem....

Thanks for those with a good word,I'd hit a wall of frustration when i'd 1st posted, Thankyou for all the offers, I will keep posting here as one bad egg cant spoil the basket.

Big up Nigel for his links and notes he's passed on and kudos to this site et al....
Ross Adams

emery across your points, does sound nice even on a car

here's one for ya - to clean the end or the rotor arm use a clean bit of pencil rubber or if out on the road use the tyre

wonder if Peter will comment on that :)

links are accurate not sure about notes :)
Nigel At

As far as I remember, you shouldn't really use emery for cleaning and surfacing points. The residue left can sit in the pits, and reduce the effectiveness of the points. Also, you wont get as good and flat a surface which you need for the best contact to contact surface area. I only use a thin flat file. But blow the filings dust off anyway. Of course in an emergency a bit of emery wont hurt to get you home. That's the beauty of points, so easy to bodge a fix.

Sorry for my tardy reply to your comment, I lost my Internet connection, something wrong with the router/modem according to bt. So good to be back to see what I’ve missed lol.

Anyway, whilst agreeing I could have been more polite in the first instance, I’m not so sure it would have solicited the same in return. Did I think about that? No I didn’t. Should I have done? Maybe, maybe not. However as you say, it’s thank you all round now.:)

And with respect to you too, as regards it being less pleasant on this site than it used to be, well I don’t think you should take it so seriously, if indeed you are. I certainly don’t. It’s all water from a ducks back. :)

The Internet and particular bbs, only exist in zeros and ones, how can you or anyone be offended by anything that ephemeral? As soon as you switch of the computer, it’s gone. Why get upset about something so transient?

Anybody who really does get upset at anything posted on here must have a pretty fragile personality. So perhaps, in that sense only, I might (only might) be persuaded to agree with Onno, who says that we(I) should be more circumspect in our(my) postings.

However, remember too the old childhood nursery rhyme. “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me”. So true of words spoken to ones face, more so of those in hard copy, and especially those you read on a fleeting electronic medium such as this, posted by someone you don’t know, and are unlikely to ever meet.

Truly, what is there to be upset about?

Of course a more modern version is “sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me” lol.

It’s probably about s and m but not necessarily so. It could be interpreted to say that being insulted can also be rather amusing. It certainly is here. :)

Maybe I’m a masochist? lol.

In fact wouldn’t you have to be a masochist, to keep and drive a sprite or a midget for 34 years? Or even more years for some here. :)
Lawrence Slater

Lawrence thanks that's what I meant to say forgot that bl**dy word again - a bad typo fault I seem to have got into then can't see

should have read -

emery across your points, does NOT sound nice even on a car

exactly as you say a get you home but not when at home

there you can be useful when you want to :)
Nigel At

To finish once and for all:

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Alex G Matla

Lawrence Slater

Social cultural...
Alex G Matla

in which there exists, many diverse opinions.
Lawrence Slater

I generally stay out of this stuff, but this thread prompted me to tack on a quick paragraph: I used to be much more active on this board than I have been recently, it was enjoyable trading ideas and thoughts on the cars and the associated lifestyle. Since Laurence Slater started posting, though, it just isn't as much fun, so I barely come on here any more. Hopefully this won't attract some sarcasm from him (what would be the point, after all?), but in case there exist any moderators or similar, I wanted to make the point that such consistent rudeness does inhibit the board's purpose, which surely must be to bring together the community? I can't be the only one who has reduced their usage following his too-often-unpleasant posts?

(And Mr Slater, it is not cool to criticize another poster's use of English when your own is often not that great...)

Piers Colver

Some times in life you come across people who you wish you hadn't met and you realise that the best thing to do is to ignore them. I am luck in that I have not come across many so far in my 49 years. Slater is one of the few.
Do not let him or his posts drag you down to his level, it is not a pleasant place to be and will not benefit the decent members on this forum.
Have a great weekend.
Dave Brown


Thank you for reminding me of that.

Have a great weekend yourself (although looking at the very wet weather here, don't think I'll be driving the Sprite too much, sigh...)


I now live with the following motto in mind.

Never argue with an idiot. They will take you down to their level and beat you with experience.
R Fowler

Hilarious, and a nice note on which to end the week! Have good weekends, all.
Piers Colver

I absolutely agree with you R Fowler, never argue with idiots. That's why I won't be responding to the other recent posters. :)
Lawrence Slater

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