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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 2' Turbo Exhaust

Been trawling through the archives but can't seem to find any suggestions for a 2" exhaust silencer/ box for a turbo system on a midget?

The RC40 only appears to have a 1-7/8" pipe, what about a Jetex universal box, Cherry bomb, playmini or???

Obviously all the Mini ones need adapting which wouldn't be too much of a problem just as long as the box will physically fit in the space between the fuel tank and rear spring.

Ps it's a Road car so can't be too noisy! :-)
M Slater

Magic Midget list a 2" system

"Stainless steel & aluminium lightweight repackable race exhaust system.

T304 stainless steel and aluminium system with 2" through pipe, and 5.75" diameter, 22" long big bore silencer. Matches up to the big bore Maniflow race LCB manifold. Ideal for race/fast road 1380cc engines producing over 100bhp. (Would also suit different engined Midgets. i.e. K series, Zetec or bike engines). "
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

Try giving Maniflow a call. I'm fairly certain they do a large bore system and if not they could almost certainly knock one up. I've been very pleased with my more standard single box from them and it sounds pleasantly fruity.
Don't go by their website which isn't terribly helpful just give them a call.

Hi mate
I assume that you have a turbo fitted to your car and are simply looking to fit some sort of 2" silencer in the space between the tank and the spring?

If that is the case then you should already have the pipe fitted to the turbo outlet and indeed a pipe running the length of the floor to the position described, if you dont already have this and would like advice then please ask further.

I have this on my turbo fitted car and I simply bought a silencer from one of the thousands of places that sell SS/chrome silencers to the go faster crowd. This fitted no problem and they come in a multitude of sizings. However having raced with turbo Metros many years ago we used to not bother at all with silencers because the turbo itself act like a very good silencer in its own right. I have been contemplating for a while doing away with my silencer and exhaust pipe and simply building an oval pipe that would exit the car just behind the front wheel to the side under the sill. I personally think this would not be too noisey and IMO is worth a try, let me know how you get on?
Bob Turbo Midget England

Cheers for the comments/ advise so far.

Yeah Bob kind of! I have bought universal bends and some straight pipe ready to run the pipe out of the engine bay (looks as though it's going to be a b*tch to do)

I've bought a 180, 90 & 45 degree bends which should hopefully get it out of the engine bay, so yes was just looking for suggestions for a silencer to fit in at the back somewhere.

Ran a different car with an A-series turbo years ago and remember being surprised how quiet it was with 1 box! (I had remembered about the turbo acting as a silencer too)
M Slater

I went the rc40 route on the turbo car but as Bob says,it's very quiet and am not sure it needed it. When I have the time I will test it on an open pipe.
On the n/a car I looked at various silencers,in the end I got one from a Kawasaki ZX10, all Aluminium/Titanium, very light and with more than enough flow,10 Ebay.
If you don't mind adapting, there are lots of bike systems you could use and they have the advantage of being reasonably compact.

Hi Stu

I have a load of mods I need to do to my Midget
Hydraulic hand brake
Change diff
4 pot calipers on front brakes
fit relays for lamps etc.
remove silencer from exhaust

As you can see the trying the exhaust without silencer is begining to move towards the top of the list, I suspect it will be there by the end of the year :).

If you try it before me then let us know how it sounds.
Bob Turbo Midget England

From Australia... I run a turbo, & use a Super Cat off-the-shelf stainless muffler on a full stainless system with all flange joints. Mine is very quiet and is fully road legal depite its track use. You can see details of the car in the middle pages of MACOT magazine for December 2012 or goto

See photo here and in next entry

Bruce Roberts

Here is the 2nd photo showing details of mounting around the rear axle

Bruce Roberts

I took mine below the axle as per the original.
Bob Turbo Midget England

As Bob says go below the axle,it's simple.Use any available 2'' box,the turbo does quite a bit of silencing.I used a cherry bomb,but the neighbours do moan a bit about 7.30 am Sunday departures.........

steve cowling

I use a off the shelf 2" Wolfrace s/s rear box, sounds realy nice but failed the decibel test at Castle Coombe, well over 100 decibels, so now have to fit a muffler for track days and now comes in at around the 100 mark.
I thought of fitting a cherry bomb to mine as I have one fitted to my A35 with a mini Maniflow rear box and sounds real nice, out of a matter of interest do you have to have your noise level tested when you take it up the strip? if so whats your noise level?

M. Slater
A 2" mini Maniflow might be a good route for yourself if its only for road use, they give a nice beefy sound without too much restriction.
Rob Newt

and a picture

Rob Newt

And one of the Maniflow on A35

Rob Newt

Hi Rob surprised at the noise level? must be the boost. :)

By the way here is a pic of my drip tray
it is fixed to the 2 bolts at the bottom of he backplate

Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Whats that made from Bob?
Great idea but how do you empty it? when I mulled over the idea I thought about fitting a sponge in the tray for easy removal and cleaning.
Rob Newt

Yep I considered putting in a plug or whatever
But I decided that to emmpty it I would simply remove it so the mounting holes are slotted do simply loosening 2 nuts allows it to slip off.

I haven't placed anything inside yet still waiting to see if it is required. if it is then a sponge or scotchbrite will be used I suspect.

It is made of alley
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Hi Rob,no noise limits at the strip.If you happen to be alongside a big block muscle car in the fire up lane,you can't hear the Midget anyway!
steve cowling

LOL Steve,Yep not realy thought it through had I.
Rob Newt

Seriously I really like that drip tray of yours Rob.

Like most people, I have the annoying drip, and oil stains on the garage floor. No matter that my sump seal is good, and the scroll works as well as it can, there's still a small amount that leaks out.

Have you ever quantified the amount of oil, over a given period of time, to estimate when it might need to be emptied?

Instead of a drain plug, why not fit a flexible pipe, to lay inside on the bottom of the tray, or under, or embedded in the sponge. Then bring the other end of the pipe up the side of the engine, and you could use a simple suction pump to draw out the collected oil as the tray fills.

Lawrence Slater

All done!
Cheers for all the advise/ info.

M Slater

So which box is that then ?
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

got it from a neighbour, unused we think it has come from on-line autosport.

time will tell if it is any good! :-)
M Slater

Strange, my posts with the two images of the maniflow have disapeared!
Gary & Gaps

Gary - were they not in my exhaust options thread in general
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

Gary & Gaps

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