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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 276

I need to replace the camshaft in our UK domiciled midget (CJV), originally had a 266 and considering moving to 276. We've one with a 286 here which is tractable enough for me, but I don't want to put CJV into the discomfort zone of our friends who are good enough to be its minder here and keep it excersised.

Is there anyone at M50 who has a similar spec car running a 276 who would mind letting us have a look at how it idles/runs?
Worked Metro head
metro carb
1.5 rockers
Paul Walbran

I won't be at Midget50 but I have a 276 in my 1330 Hif44 high compression (about11:1)Maniflow sustem with RC40 rear box and 123 ingnition system and it ticks over quite happily at around 900 rpm (but it's a bit of a guess really as my revcounter over reads and it says about 1300 rpm).
It is completely usable in and around Cenral London and that's in heavy traffic and an avarage speed of 11mph on a good day. I really like it flooring it from just below motorway speeds and it is great fun for overtaking.
Gary & Gaps


I had your exact spec incl big valves. It worked very well. At the top I could take it to 7K, and with WOT the torque came in steeply just under 2.5K. Flat torque from 3K to just over 5K.

If floored below 2K would hesitate.

Would def use one again.

Anthony Cutler

Similar spec but standard, not 1.5 ration rockers. Very happy with a 276

Thanks for the feedback, that sounds pretty much what I expect and am looking for. I want to be sure my friends will still feel comfortable driving it.
Paul Walbran

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