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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 3/4 inch dual master cylinder questions

I am rebuilding my dual master cylinder for a MkII Sprite. Upgraded to front disc brakes by previous owner while retaining dual 7/8 bore master cylinder, so I am installing a modified master cylinder - 3/4 inch bore for brakes and 7/8 inch bore for clutch (plus correct rear wheel cylinders, the disc brake valve in brake master cylinder and shorter brake pushrod for master cylinder).

Any tips for putting the seals into the master cylinder please? The ones that go round the master cylinder piston? Having problems getting them into the master cylinder body.

Also what is the spec of dual master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder and clutch pushrod for MkIIA, MkIII front disc braked Sprites from 1964-1966 which had dual (not later twin) combined 3/4 inch brake and clutch master cylinders please? 948cc drum brakes cars had 7/8 inch brake and 7/8 inch clutch dual mater - and with 7/8inch clutch slave cylinder? And all 948cc and 1098cc cars had the same clutch slave cylinder size - 7/8 inch, not the 1275cc 1 inch clutch slave cylinder?

So what size clutch slave cylinder and pushrod do I need please to fit a 3/4 inch clutch and 3/4 inch brake dual master cylinder please, to upgrade my front drum brake 948 MkII Sorite while keeping the same clutch action? (It looks like my hybrid 3/4 inch brake and 7/8 inch clutch dual master cylinder may be U/S)

M Wood

Mike. Google "Moss Europe". All the part numbers for 1098 brakes and clutch master and slave cylinders are there.

To get the seals into the bores try a small flat screwdriver to gently (really gently) push the lip of the seal inwards while you are pushing the piston into the bore. Make sure everything is well lubricated with brake fluid.

Bernie Higginson

This thread was discussed on 23/08/2015

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