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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 3.9 diff and P/No's

I have a 3.9 crown wheel and pinion. The C/Wheel has P/No BTA 1224 and the Pinion is P/No BTA 1225. The C/Wheel is approx. 165mm in diameter and the Pinion is approx. 155mm long end to end. They are genuine unused MOWOG items as you can see from the image.

I am told they are for an MG, preceding P/No. BTB 653. Can anyone throw any light on this? I would like to know what series car they fit.


C Manley

will fit all midgets, Sprites, Morris Minors, A30, A35, A40.
David Smith

BTB653 is a B series number, so not directly related to the one you have.
Paul Walbran

They'd go nicely with my NOS diff carrier!
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

I have listed these on e-bay now; ref 300479473470

C Manley

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