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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 40 inlet manifold?


Any recommendations for an inlet manifold for a 40 Dellorto/Weber sidedraft carburettor?

Low budget , so suggestions for secondhand types would be good.

As for new, are the Maniflow ones popular?


M Wood

I might have a short one around but not the best for power and in Holland
Onno K


Do you have any welding and machining equipment to hand or that you can get a hold of. I've made 3 manifolds in the past for 40 Dellorto to suit 1098cc, 1215cc, and 1420cc A series and the early ones had straight runners rather than the nicely curved ones of the Maniflow. The runners were IIRC from 1.5" OD 16swg wall tube and I used a taper mandrel I had turned to increase the size at the carb end to 40mm ID. The rest is fairly simple fabrication. They seemed to work well. Although a 45 would have been better on the 1420cc I stuck with the 40 and made a manifold which allowed the 2 chokes to share somewhat and it made good power at 85bhp at the wheels for a home prepped engine on a budget, that manifold was hammer formed as an upper and lower H shape and welded together. Strangely one of the early manifolds ended up in the US with someone that posted here. BTW I used 40 Dellortos due to their being readily available in scrap yards at the time courtesy of rusty Alfa Romeos and cost me an average of 7.50, still have 3 I think in the garage.
David Billington

I have found that the Maniflow ones are frannkly the best manifolds for sidedraft twin choke carbs (DCOE/DHLA). I would also go for a 45 rather than a 40 (unless you already have a 40 like David) for most Spridget tuning appications. An properly set up HIF44 would be suitable for most applications where a 40 is suitable and would likely be more tractable/use less fuel.


James Bilsland


Here's one for sale on eBay in the UK:

JM Young

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