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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 45DCOE what size air filter fits under bonnet?

I've decided to put my Weber back on the car (MKIII Midge)when I get it back together and wanted to know what size air filter can I fit under the bonnet?

It hasn't been on the car for a long time so I can't remember how much room there was but I don't think there was a lot. The car is in bits so I can't check on the car either. Last time it was on it had a big set of ram tubes and socks but I would like to put a proper filter on it this time. As you can see from the pic it only has the short manifold.

I'll also need some jets for it. I took the lid off and there were none it. Bugger, sh&t crap! They must have ended up on another car soemtime.

So does anyone have some advice on a good filter and also a place to buy jets from. I was thinking of for the jets.

Yeah and I do realise that banjo bolt is ugly.


Greg H

try these..
d cusworth

Thanks for the link but it didn't work. I did found a couple on their website that may have been what you were suggesting?

These would be good. The taller 3 1/4" one is what I'd prefer. Rather not have clips. Will this fit?

Greg H

Greg coppy paste the link and replace the "%20" bits with a space.

Though i would not use those if you don't want socks
They are gauze socks.

I run with a longer manifold and socks as there is hardly anny room for a filter.

As it is so tight i would wait until all is fitted to buy the filter.
It is dependant on a lot like engine mounting rubbers exact fit of wings and bonet exact angel of manifold and all can silghtly differ between cars.

They ususaly do not have long delevery times and are not hard to get.
So why buy now with the risk of it not fitting.
Onno Könemann

With that manifold there should be room for a proper filter albeit one that does not extend above the height of the rest of the carb - I used a similar set up on my old road midget and that had a medium sized K&N on it.

James Bilsland

Yes it is difficult to predict what filter will fit.

I agree that the long one you have identified will NOT fit but it is a toss up between the medium and the short as to what will slip in beside the inner wing.

As Onno suggests wait while you have the engine in to be sure to get the best fit.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

ITG and ram pipes.

Foam based filter with a plastic body. Well reccomended..

Baseplate and then megaflow filter, worth getting their full radius ram pipes as well.

Merlin Motorsport
Toby Anscombe

ok, thanks for thoughts. I'll wait until I get it back together and sort it out then.
Greg H

Ebay number 360270946513 is what i was trying to show you. these are sold by weber uk, so you would guess are ok for flow rates etc.
d cusworth

That they are being sold by a reputable supplyer does not mean they are not rubish.....

Or to be more to the point that there is something beter on the market

stil saving
Onno Könemann

Very nice (apart from the fixings!) (oh,and the price)

I would be interested in flow rates and filtration quality with the gauzes, they certainly give more space under the bonnet.
d cusworth

don't know about flow rates but Keith Calver did a back to back dyno run vs ful radius rampipes
He found something like 5-7BHP and more torque from a lower rpm.

And the ITG filters are not bad at all
Onno Könemann

I would never just have a gauze because although I'm sure the flow would be good the filtration would be zero unless there's something special avbout it? If not it's only good for fly screen.

I got the attached from my Vizard bible which indicates the K&N is the way to go although but it's an old book now so suspect there may be other good options.

My second choice would be ram tubes and socks which I have previously used and know flow ok and filtration is also pretty good as long as they're oiled but I didn't want it to look like a race car under the bonnet so thought a conventional filter might look more appropriate.

The med eng filter looks nice but 190 pounds for an air filter!! I'd almost expect the weber thrown in with it.

Greg H

Pic of mine.

hey, Im taking the weber off mine.
Anyone want to sell me an 1 3/4 SU? (Europe)


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