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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 5 Ring Piston Ring Set provimg hard to find

Ok here's a bit of a puzzler. Thought I'd ask for your opinion. I'm working on a 65 midget as you may remember. We have the engine apart, and we are putting a new set of rings on. The pistons have 5 rings.

The pistons basically are the same as shown on the following forum.,1697782,page=1 and on the following ebay listing

Moss has twice sent us ring sets that are missing one of the two sets of oil rings (the part number is 421-695 but they sell your rings and I received p1072.000), and I bought some NOS rings in a british leyland box that likewise turned out to be missing one set of oil control rings. Moss' tech guy, Ken Martin said "The fifth ring is generally not used. The last ring does little more than increase friction, thereby reducing power. Also in some instances, racing mainly, the increased friction coupled with the reduction of oil on cylinder walls raises the internal temperature and can contribute to engine failure.", and the guy at APT said the same thing, Peter Cauldwel at worldwide is of the opinion that since these cars burn enough oil as it is, they probably need the second ring. At this point Moss does not have another set in stock, and no one seems to have the proper ring set. I have one moss set and one NOS set on hand. What should I do?

S.A. Jones

Hi Seth, If your pistons are the same as shown pt no. 16179 you need the ring set R17927 if you cant find them in the USA contact me and I could try here for you, please let me know if they are std. size pistons.
Regards Colin
c c carpenter

S.A Jones...Give these guys a call.

Hastings makes rings for many applications. Ive had to buy Extras when Ive broken some in the past. Im sure they will come threw for you!

I live in New England. You are right next door to them! :-)

Steven Devine

only use 5 rings if you want a slow midget.

All replacement pistons that have any illusion of making power have 3 rings.
Get a set of good pistons with 3 rings you only want to rebuild it once!

actually you will want more power and build a couple more engines for that ;)
Onno K

Hey Onno!

Ya Onno is right. I havent rebuilt any 1098 engines but you would be better off with a more modern piston than the 5 ring style IMHO. I know the
Mga and Early MGB came that way and we usually change the pistons to a three ring style. You will have to ask some one who knows where to better source that out then me...but hey try here oor the internet.

Again goodluck!
Steven Devine

Found this but dont know anything about the vender.
Steven Devine

Is is kosher to run 5 ring pistons with only 4 rings?
S.A. Jones

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