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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 62 midget dash lay out

Hello all
just wondering what some of the switches are on my dash.
#1 is the starter pull
#2 Some sort of Vent?
#3 parking and head lights
#4 Wipers
#5 Choke
#6 three position does nothing
#7 Ign switch
#8 two position does nothing
#9 Looks aftermarket two position does nothing

TIA Dave

Dave Noe

Hi Dave,2 should be the heater blower,3 indicators,4 screen washer,6 side/headlights,8 wipers
M Cunningham

Just confirming what Martin says - I was typing when he posted! Looking at a road test report of a '62 midget (UK Spec.) 1 = Starter Pull, 2=Heater Temperature Control, 3=Direction Indicator Switch, 4=Screen Washer Push, 5=Choke, 6=Light Switch, 7=Ignition Key, 8=Screen Wipers, 9=Not shown so probably aftermarket.
I hope this helps.
Ray Rowsell

Thank you both
Dave Noe

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