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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 65 Midget FIA papers

Does anybody have a copy of the FIA spec sheet for a Mk 2 1965 1098 midget(semi-elliptic)I could copy?. I have the Sebring Sprite, and GAN 1 and 2 papers if anybody wants a copy . At
Kim Dear

Maybe Onno? I think he said he collects homoligislislasjon (?) papers
Alex G Matla

Well I have started to collect them.
wanting to make a complete view of what can be homologated for FIA appendix K racing.
But i do not have a lot now.

I have a complete list of all different homologations.
And by the sound of it you want homologation number 162 for the 64/65 mkII midget with doorhandles and big journal crank.

I only have nuber 84 which is most likely the same as the GAN2 homologation you have.
I can send you the list of homologations (has all kind of different marques verry intresting especialy the note's)

If you would like to e-mail me coppy's of the one's you have i would verry much appreciate.
Mail to replace the ### with @
Onno Könemann

I have a copy of homologation no. 162.
On the way by e-mail.


Anders has shared them with me so if you give me your mail adres i will forward them.
Onno Könemann

Many thanks anders/onno, now have,
regards Kim
Kim Dear

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