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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 68 midget horn

hi i have a 68 midget the horn dosnt work very well bit feeble and sometomes not at all the horns are good it seems to be earth problem with steering shaft any tips please thanks
rj hardwick

horns need a good supply to work well and don't like lack of use, like windscreen wiper motor, heater motor, heater tap - all need operating fully now and again to stop them 'siezing up'

bullet connectors or other connectors - furred up or loose

loose wires to connectors

insulator cracked/broken - exposing inner wires

horn pencil - worn

slip ring - ?

fuse, fuse box connection inside and out front and rear - furred up

Nigel Atkins

If there is not a earth wire between the steering rack and the chassis, fit one

I have a small earth wire fitted to mine, easy to make up with a suitable length of heavy duty wire. Thinker than lighting wires but not (necessarily) as thick as the battery earth

This alone may make all the difference if not trace along the wire that feeds the slip ring under the horn push, it may have poor connectors on its bullet connector

They are made of rolled spring steel which can harden and crack after a few years in service

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