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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 72 RWA Brake Q

T'other day the wife took the midget. Same day we
in the eastern US had an earthquake. Also hit a
speed hump.

Hit the speed hump JUST when the quake hit here.

Then lost brakes.

Brought the car home. master cylinder is MT. (as in

Yesterday I refilled the MC and bled all 4 corners.
Got plenty of bubbles out of rear-right. Refilled
MC and took it out. Braked fine. No fluid loss.

Today, still no fluid loss.

WTF? Over!!

I would start by replacing the rear flex hose. The only scenario I am coming up with would involve the speed bump causing further than normal travel on the rear suspension, allowing/causing a crack in the rubber hose which is currently behaving itself until the next time it flexes far enough. Perhaps an Eezi-Bleed attached to the system and then manually flex that hose?
David "best be sure about those brakes!" Lieb
David Lieb

Let's see if I have this right, your car emptied it resevoir when the earth moved, is that right?
I think you have the wrong forum for this sort of stuff, this is a clean MG group here. ;-)
B Young

Yeah, I wuz trying to work the quake
into this so I could sue the scientists
like they are doing in Italy.

David, I will check the flex. First I am gonna
drive it around and up and over a bunch just
to see what happens to the MC level. Thanks.

Ya know, while I would probably do the same, I don't think it really sounds like a good idea to drive around to see if your brakes fail...
David "I must be getting old" Lieb
David Lieb

A typical USA problem!
J.W. Vlaanderen

Honestly officer. I was driving along minding my own business, and the earth jumped up and down. My brakes failed, and that's why I ran into your patrol car.

Yes sir, now please step out of the car and spread your legs. Have you been drinking tonight sir?

If we tried that in the UK, it just wouldn't wash. :)
Lawrence Slater


If i recall, isnt that what snookie did in italy, i dont think it worrked out to well.for her..haha

X2 with david, ive also done the samething .... Its not just a hill billy kind of thing....haha

Im guessing its in the wheel clyinder connection...was there any wet spots on the inside of the rear wheel

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