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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 76 1500 w oil leak

Bought midget w oil leak and trying to sort out...

Engine was replaced june of this year prior to my purchase. all emmissions off. Smokes sig and appears to be from drips onto exhaust.

Suspect due to sig blow by as oil leaking from the dipstick and I suspect rear main seal vs running horizontally back from dipstick onto the exhaust.

I have checked compression in all 4 and it 150 consistently. I took hose from valve cover to the carb off and ran tube to the road which did not resolve. Leaking seems to visibly decrease when oil filler cap removed.

Not sure what to do next to remedy. Reading posts it seems this is common issue. Seems rings are ok... Would appreciate input on how to identify issue or remedy it



Scott, take the valve cover tube off at the cover end. These sometimes collapse inside blocking them and causing high crank case pressure. Make sure the valve cover inside isn't carboned up where the outlet to the pipe is (there is a baffle plate in there). I used petrol and washed mine out. Then try again.
Dave Squire

Oops meant the breather pipe at the cover end.
Dave Squire

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