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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - '76 Midget Starting Problems

midgetnaged son inherited my
MJJ Jones

I don't have much time just now but the problem is electrical.
When the key is turned to the start position full voltage is applied to the coil until the key is released and then a "ballasted" or reduced voltage is fed to the coil for running the engine.
These symptoms, ie the other electical faults you mention suggest that a wire has come adrift somewhere and part of the problem is that the full voltage is not being sent to the coil for starting but it will start with a push as the key is then in the ballasted position.
So you should find what is causing the other electrical anomalies and then your starting problems will also be solved...hopefully!
JB Anderson

wow... alot going on there

I seriously doulbt its fuel...and most likely its electrical

I dont know alot about the 1500s but other here do

the 1st part that gets my attention is .... pushing the car a poping the clutch to start it ....????? ..... is this because the battry is dead and wont turn the engine over

the 2nd part that really got my attention big time, you said...

""" Coincidently to the starting problems, he lost his tachometer, gas gauge, signals and dash lights…we have not sorted that out yet."""

id say you solve that and your and your starting issue will be solved

the wire from the coil passes thur the tachometer

my guess is 1 of 2 things

1... you got a bad shaffing or screw threw the ignition wire and Its double grounding out and at somepoint will burst into flames tourching the car, burning down the house, and killing everyone inside, soooo do you have hot dogs and mashmellows on the stand by...

2nd... not as grand or spectacular..."grounds", boring old rusted, dirty, loose ad wornout grounds

im guessing if you disconnect the positive side of the coil and run jumper wire to the positive side of the battery to the coil and then turn the key it will start right up...if it does...then you may bow on bended me and worship me as your new god...its been suggested id make a great new pope...I think they are right

let us know what happens...definatly before the car burst into flames

hollow be thy octigan

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

btw... if after on of these trips to the store and then it wont restart as you said... feel up the coil... if its super hot, then id strongly look to a bad ignition wire in the loom and not so much a ground...

so disconnect the pos side of the battry when not in use, and keep an ABC fire extingiher close by at the ready...once the fire starts, it wont take but a few minutes to be beyound the avg persons control.

FYI..... i do know as an absolute fact that ice cold coke a cola in a can ...shaken and then popped will knock down a 3 foot tall flame in the drivers seat almost instantly

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I had the same problem once ie no tacho, no fuel gauge, no turn signals and no dash lights.

After much searching and measuring with a volt meter, I discovered (by total fluke) that the fuse had come loose in its holder.

The fuse measured 12 volts at each side but when it was put under load the poor connection could not cope.

Have a quick look here before you start tearing the car apart, might save a lot of hassle.

P Dunne

yes and the fuse holder connections or even the fuse can get crudded up enough to stop full load or even the connections on the other side of the fusebox where they're linked
Nigel Atkins

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