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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - '76 Midget, 45DM DIzzy, and Pertronix

Here goes...I have a 45DM (CEI) dizzy that I am modding with a pertronix ignition.
The wiring harness includes the ballast wires, coil is standard for use with ballast etc.

I want to make sure that I am gonna wire this thing up correctly without ruining the coil and ignition module.

Is the following acurate?

I hook the black and white/blk stripe wires to negative post of coil.
Hook the white/lt green stripe wires to positive.

Now, can I use the white elbowed wire (that would normally go to the distributor resistor) to mate to the red pertronix wire as a 12v switched feed?

Thanks folks,

JTS John

That's right. But. You may have an odd way of having to start the car. It may only fire when you release the key from cranking, not during.
The white circuit is interupted in the cranking position and the solenoid provides a direct 12v feed to the coil through the white/green wires to aid starting. With your electronic ignition module thing, they usually need a +12v all the time, which it won't get during cranking if you simply put a white feed to it...

What you need to do isn't complicated, if you can do some basic circuitry and the sort. How I rigged my 1500 up is to have a split feed to the red wire on the ignition module, both a 12v white and a white/green +12 cranking feed go to it, however to prevent the white feed going back through the join and down the white/green wires to give the coil a permanent 12v (cooking it) I put in a diode (one from my MGBs seatbelt warning system actually!) on the white/green circuit just before it joins the white circuit that joins the red wire so that it cannot backflow.

I hope that makes some sense! If you're still a bit confused, I can try putting a picture up of the physical wiring for you.

I once used that elbowed white lead to power a non-ballast coil I used to have, and it worked fine. Eventually I went back to a ballasted coil and wired the PerTronix as per the instructions. So yes, you can use that white wire if you need to.

Gryf Ketcherside

Thanks RW - I feel I am a bit inept as far as electricals are concerned and a picture is worth 1000 words to me.

If you could post a picture I would greatly appreciate it.

Another question - I currently have a 1.2 OHM coil - should I go to 3 OHM ballasted coil?
JTS John

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