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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 9' brake questions

Since i have been given a 9" brake conversion (yes lucky me!) and Peter May was kind enough to supply the fitting instructions i have a few questions.

What is the minimum thickness of the brake disck?
They are usedand now 9.7mm thick, looks like plenty but I want to be sure.

What pads do you use?
Since you have a lot more material to disperse the heat I got the feeling that a standart V8 pad will be plenty.

Onno Könemann

The thread title had me worried for a minute - 9 foot brakes!
Dave O'Neill 2

to quote Homer Simpson: "Dohhhh"
Onno Könemann

Is that the optimum brake distance you are reffering to Onno?
Alex G Matla

That's it Alex ;)
When do you get the new home for the midget?
And need anny demolition help?

Now is no one running 9" brakes here???
Onno Könemann

The real question is, "How do you get five people into a Spridget and which one isn't dragging one of his feet?"
David "I'll get my coat now" Lieb
David Lieb

I guess someone ought to put this sort of information in a book..

I've checked my Haynes Triumph Spitfire manual and it doesn't give a minimum thickness.

The Midget minimum re-grind thickness according to Haynes is 7.37mm and brand new is only 7.75mm.

So, the discs you have should be fine until they get as thin as a brand new Spridget disc after which you might want to think about getting them changed. Make sure when you do buy replacment discs you get them from Peter as the ones he supplies are spot on for the 9" conversion whereas someone elses Spitfire discs tend not to be (says the voice of experience).
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve


What pads are (where?) you running with the 9" brakes?
Onno Könemann

The direction Im going is a ceramic brake pad from

part number GDB331

BUT im going to go the MGBgt/V8 brake pad, you get an additional 20% more pad surface then the regular MGB pad... you just have to file 2 small corners off to fit the regular mgb caliper

not sure if its a good idea, but the lituerture looks good to read.

Hmmm... okay maybe its this part number, its in there somewhere...LOL

Part number....GDB340


I run the MGB V8 pad in a Hawk compound - forget which one - possibly HP plus.

It's a fantastic pad with lots of initial grab and bite that I've not found with other pads.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve


Any chance that info is in a book somewhere

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